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A pilot project to spur business starts during Digital Capital Week 2010. SBA Office of Entrepreneurship Education

J bienko

on 22 December 2010

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SBA Pilots "Hot Start Experiment"
to celebrate Digital Capital Week 2010 SBA office of entrepreneurship education "Hot Starts" experiment FED + LOCAL + NON-PROFIT + COMMERCIAL SECTORS JOINED IN FORCE what if you gave entrepreneurs
an 8 hour excuse-free environment
to start their business ... a Hot Start ? is this something you picture the federal government doing? Digital Captial (DC) Week basics A 10 day entrepreneurial festival held in DC during June

Focused on technology, innovation and all-things digital

Events held across DC

5,000 participants over 10 days SBA "Hot Start" experiment

a one-day no holds barred blitz of support

including trainers, lenders, permits, and more ...
in one place

business peer learning, professional coaches at the ready, with prizes + incentives to spur excitement a concerted effort to overload entrepreneurs
with every aspect of business support driving business starts in less than 8 hrs did you know overall business starts are DOWN this year?

what if you knew what prevented most would-be entrepreneurs from pursuing their dreams? imagine:

an open invite for would-be entrepreneurs

a one-day start up incubator/sandbox

with ... SCORE counselors - SBDC staff - WBC trainers

with ... lenders - investors - microfinanciers

with ... local business permitting officials

with ... legal advice, tax consultants, and tech advice

with ... on-site action oriented services throughout what it's NOT ...

boring panel sessions

learning about business > the focus is on actionable deliverables and taking care of business now

endless referrals > resources are already on-site

s.l.o.w... > on-site support ready for action (permits, funding, etc)

stuffy > everyone rolls up their sleeves (no ties allowed)

general concepts > every step is goal oriented goals

foster entrepreneurial innovation & economic development collaboration

new business start-ups (@ least 15 that day)

new energy and buzz about SBA services

@ least five press pieces on the event

specialized outreach to creative and tech communities

a robust environment involving the local community, professional counselors, lenders, multiple levels of government

pilot test for replication in other districts well, maybe not
the old SBA
so let's try
something new ... The SBA
Hot-Start experiment
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