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Turkish Airlines

No description

Daniel Berardo

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Turkish Airlines

Everything is linked in an airline, such as Turkish Airlines they have to focus on performing well in all dimensions in order to achieve a good general performance.
Follow flight paths
Short and long term ecological benefits and long term financial benefits
Energy efficiency, Noise efficiency, fuel efficiency
Flying chefs – long haul routes have their own personal chef on board.
Vast and comprehensive AVOD system on short and long haul destinations, the first Airline in Europe to provide this service to all of its aircrafts and to all destinations.
High speed broadband Internet access and Live TV on destinations to and from the US
Europe’s best airline award
One of the youngest fleets in the airline industry, this shows that Turkish Airlines is investing heavily into new planes which are more modern, efficient and comfortable.
According to Business Wire (2012), in a Airline, like in any other company, you have to maintain a certain pace of new innovations and like this they can stay competitive towards its opponents.
...& Innovation
Table of contents
Turkish Airlines was founded the 20th May 1933. The airline is 50.9% privatized and the rest remains state-owned. Skytrax classified Turkish Airlines as a 4-star airline; moreover the recognition includes Best Economy Catering, Southern Europe’s Best Airline, Europe’s Best Airline as well as the prize for the new Comfort Class seat. This airline is a business intended to deliver customers an outstanding experience, by offering a brilliant and qualified service on board.

The thought behind the structure of Turkish Airlines is stimulated by the request of an improved buyer experience; Turkish Airlines started to unite the thought of creating a comfort and business class in order to boost purchasers’ faithfulness by distinguishing itself from any other carriers.

Turkish Airlines is the top partner of Borussia Dortmund ever since May 2, 2013; furthermore the sponsor of Manchester United and Euro-league Basketball. This report will evaluate every area of management of this company.
• Positioning as a global airline by increasing the handling of its long-range flight net.

• Progress the Company’s position by evolving its technical maintenance unit into a major local resource.

•Develop the Company’s position as a service supplier in all features of civil air travel, including ground treatment services and flight preparation.

• Guard the Company’s positioning as the frontrunner of the national airline commerce.

• Deliver a nonstop and greater flying service by co-operating with Star Alliance, implementing its own links in order to enhance the world-wide image and advertising capabilities.

• Defend and advance on Istanbul’s status as a local aviation nucleus.

• Be a leading European airline and a main world-wide actor by its security and safety record.
Turkish Airlines

Service Marketing
Information systems
Process management
Turkish Airlines is already the best airline in Europe and its aiming to become the biggest one by 2020: with the number of routes, number of passengers and number of aircraft's. Turkish Airlines, as one of its biggest shareholders is the Turkish Government, there is a big objective to turn Istanbul into a huge hub, especially for flights from Europe to Asia and the Middle East and Africa (and Vice Versa) , whereas customers of the Americas are more interested to fly to Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This company's goals are quite demanding but both the Airline and the Country is committed to accomplish this plan.
For instance
Conduct marketing audit
Select target market
Define the Marketing objectives
Action Plan
Social Media -
The company collets information/recommendations from customers via different social media sites.
Monitor and Evaluate
Guest Analysis
People travelling in the upgraded classes (business and first class)
Customer willing to pay the high price in exchange of the appropriate quality of services (Dawar, N. 2013).
Most of customers travel in Central Europe
Customer loyalty

Property Analysis
High quality of the services from every step of the Experience;
Image given by the Staff with their good manners and their fast reactivity to deal with any situation

Competitor Analysis
Star Alliance’s Passenger choice award: the passengers awarded them as the best Airline of the groupTurkish Airlines are growing and developing at a really high speed. Opening routes to expand their business market by proposing new destinations.

Tripdvisor/ Forums-
Good opportunity for the Turkish Airlines to understand customers' expectations and improve their service since clients comment and list benefits of different companies

Online Booking Process-
The company collects customer data and saves it in the system, carries out statistics and gets a good opportunity to get to know their "average customer profile"
Airline industry collects information from various different sources, which can make them gain competitive advantage( Bazell & Vreins, 2013)
Information Systems
Youtube videos to attract customers' attention
Campaigns to reach customers
Guest a more luxurious type of clients;
People with a delimited budget to travel;
They try to fulfill everyone’s needs even though the needs will be different.

Have a fast booking and travelling;
Services provided in onboard and besides the flight;
Having inflight facilities (entertainment devices, confortable seats…);
Giving a large choice of destinations (241 in total).

Turkish airlines doesn’t fulfill all thoses elements:
They are still missing lines between some important destinations;
Their transit time should be reduced.

Be recognized as on of the top airlines providing high standard services;
Give an image of the company as a 5 star airline thru high budget advertisement;
They are trying to recover their investments to give a more confortable and enjoyable experience (new business class, chef hired to improve the quality of the food).

Duty Free services on flight;
a meal and a snack per flight;
services 24h;
Entertainment devices ( TV, Games, Wifi…);
a blanket and pillow.

207 Euros with Turkish Airlines
406 Euros with Swiss

Turkish Airlines is represented with Kobe Briant and Lionel Messi, they also have a partnership with TripAdvisor.


Official websit;
partnership with eDreams, Ebookers etc.

Turkish Airlines evaluates their marketing plan every 6 months with all the managers gathering together.

Promotion campaign Winter 2013
Taxi ad campaign in UK, 2012
Customers' recommendations
New campaigns, promotions,videos
Increasing loyal customer base
• Become an air carrier with a continued growth trend over industry average;
• No accidents/crashes;
• Best service levels worldwide;
• Sales and distribution costs below industry averages;
• Staff continuously developing with the awareness of the relationship between benefits for the company and their added value;
• an entrepreneurship that creates business opportunities for members in Star Alliance;
• Staff well adapted to modern governance principles.

...& Vision

1. Mission & Vision
2. Service Marketing
3. Sustainability and Innovation
4. Information Systems
5. Process Management

Physical Appearance
Daniel Everlien Berardo
Alberto Colonna
Assil Dayri
Bernardus Brenninkmeijer
Laura Maria Laanem
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