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No description

Lauren Bernstein

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of MGT545-2

Just Do It Business Ethics Market Research Product Price Place Promotion Segmentation New Product Developement GreenXchange Homeless World Cup 1. Relative Advantage
2. Compatibility
3. Complexity
4.Communicability Positively Affecting Climate and Energy, And Water 93 percent reported a new motivation for life
83 percent reported improved social relations
38 percent reported improved housing situations
32 percent reported re-entering the education system
29 percent reported they had found employment
71 percent say they now play regularly
http://www.nikebiz.com/crreport/content/environment/4-1-1-product-design.php?cat=overview Primary Data Secondary Data Nike can use information that already exists
that they dont even have to pay for.
An example is pollsb.com which has 31 polls
posted by its users. The polls range from which
hat is cooler to how the advertisements are perceived by viewers. Nike hired PRR Vision and Voice to design
and conduct market research regarding the
preferences of the market for new environmental
friendly and sustainable running shoes. This market research included:
1,000 telephone surveys,
and 4 focus group sessions in the
major geographic regions. PRRBIZ.com Nike.com Youtube.com Nike uses different products to target different
parts of the population Active women ages of 18-35
(Womens Line) Women spend more money on sports
apparel than men do by a margin of 40% Active men of ages 18-30 The appeal of different sports Nike uses a push strategy to sell their products Nike also uses an intesive approach for
their products Most of Nike's products in stores appear as you first walk in. This positioning allows customers to see Nike's products first The appeal of pathos Value Pricing Premium Pricing Air Max Lebron V11 $160.00 Young Guns 2010 Adidas $85.00 Skimming Total90 Laser III FG Men's Soccer Cleat Started at $200.00 and is now $119.00 Want vs Need The brand and the product gives benefits to consumers
such as convenience, assurance and a particular image Shopping around product Print, Billboards, and Online ads
Their most successful ads come from TV such as "my better is better". Personal Selling, Public Relations and Consumer Promotion

Advantages of Personal Selling for Nike usually include knowing a customers specific needs.
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