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To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapters 4-7

By Josh, Jenber, Rosie and Nathan

Josh Magtoto

on 14 November 2011

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapters 4-7

To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 6 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapters 4-7: By Josh, Jenber, Rosie and Nathan :) Literary Techniques Characterization
Character Development
As the summer progresses in Maycomb County, the Finch siblings and Dill continue to play the game Boo Radley. For days, Jem and Dill began plotting in the tree house and would only call to Scout when they are in need of a third party, this drove Scout towards spending the remainder of the summer with Miss Maudie Attkinson. Miss Maudie Atkinson is a kindly woman who lives in the neighbourhood and who forges a close friendship with Scout. One evening, while sitting on the porch with Miss Maudie Scout asks a troubling question: “Do you think Boo Radley is still alive?” Miss Maudie believes that Arthur Radley is indeed still alive but chooses to stay inside the comfort of his own home.
The next day, Scout joins the two boys in the tree house and they both deliver the news of their plan to place a note through a loose shutter at the Radley residence. This note is meant to request Boo Radley to come out of the comfort of his own home, and explain to the boys what he does in his everyday life. By doing so, it will finally ease their curiosity of what may or may not happen beyond those doors. Later the same day, their full proof plan could finally be put to the test. Jem, Dill, and Scout slowly began to navigate into their positions, but unfortunately the Finch sibling’s father spots them while in pursuit. Chapter 7
Dill arrived to Maycomb for the summer where the children decided that they will roll down a hill in a tire.
Scout went first and Jem pushes her down a hill causing her to end up in the Radley’s yard. At the end of the chapter, Scout states that she heard laughter coming from the house, and she believed that Boo Radley still lived in there, however, she had no way to prove it and did not want to be accused of “Hot Steams.”
After this, the children decided to make skits based on previous events that happened with the Radley`s. As the summer progressed, so did their game, but Atticus caught them playing. Although Jem denied that they were mocking the Radley`s, Atticus knew in his mind what was really going on.
Our guess of what Atticus looked like at the time. Scout starts second grade, hating it more than the first, while Jem starts the sixth grade and discovers that he learns a lot more compared to other grades. Scout and Jem find themselves communicating with a resident of Maycomb by exchanging items in a knothole of a tree.
After Jem and Scout place a letter in the knothole, Mr. Radley cements the knothole, leaving Jem and Scout confused on who their secret acquaintance is. At the end of Chapter 7, Jem cries over an unknown experience he encountered on the night of exploring Radley Place.
Jem cries - but why? WEEEE! Main Characters:
-Jem, Scout, Atticus, Calpurnia
-5th grade, 10 years old
-Scout's older brother
-Guides and takes care of Scout
-Curious of the unknown
-2nd grade, 7 years old
-She struggles to fit in with Jem and Dill, cautious in her actions
-Does not enjoy school
-Can be described as the "Innocent one" out of the three children in the novel
-Tomboy type Atticus:
-Jem and Scout's single father
-He is the morale throughout the story
-Respected and open-minded role model
-Easy going Calpurnia:
-Mother figure
-Faithful to the Finch family
-Has a love/hate relationship with Scout Characterization Mood/Setting The main setting that takes place in chapters four to seven is the Radley’s yard because this is where most of the action takes place. The overall mood and setting throughout chapter’s four to seven emits a very wary, eerie, suspenseful mood, because the children spend most of their time In the Radley’s yard. This is a territory that is virtually unknown to the readers has been judged in many negative ways bases on its worn appearance.
In chapter five, the children decide to go to the Radley’s home in order to give a note to Boo Radley. Once they have planned how they are going to go about it they proceed to the Radley’s home: “The back of the Radley house was less inviting then the front: a ramshackle porch ran the width of the house; there were two doors and two dark windows between the doors. Instead of a column, a rough two-by-four supported one end of the roof. An old Franklin stove sat in a corner of the porch; above it a hat-rack mirror caught the moon and shone eerily.”
This quotation allows the readers to fully visualize the setting (the Radley’s yard) and the mood which gives of an eerie and wary vibe.
Symbolism Throughout the four chapters the two large oaks standing at the edge of the Radley’s lot plays an important role. These two oaks represent mystery and curiosity towards Jem and Scout as they continue to discover many items within these trees. Each day the Finch siblings would walk by the oak trees on their way home, and every time they would witness something new inside. Allowing their curiosity to get the best of them, both Scout and Jem decide to write a note to this mystery figure basically sending their thanks. Anxious for a reply, they both rushed to the tree on their way to school only to see that the whole has been filled with cement.
The next day, as Mr. Radley walked by, Jem built up the nerve to ask him why the tree had been filled with cement and his reply was quite puzzling: “Tree’s dying. You plug’ em with cement when they’re sick. You ought to know that, Jem.” Still uncertain as to why Mr. Radley did this, Jem asks his father’s opinion on the health of the oak tree. Atticus replies by saying, “Why no, son, I don’t think so. Look at the leaves, they’re all green and full no brown patches anywhere.” These two different conversations give the impression that there may be a possibility that Boo Radley began communicating with Scout and Jem. Unfortunately his father, Mr. Nathan Radley found out, this lead to the cement filled tree destroying their only way of communication with Boo Radley. Character Development Character development is extremely evident through one of the main characters, Jem. Throughout the novel Jem’s personality has changed drastically from the beginning of the novel towards the end of chapter 7. This once lying, funny and careful young man has become an arrogant and thick headed boy in the course of a couple chapters. One main reason that has caused such a drastic change is the arrival of Charles Baker Harris who also goes by the name of Dill. Dill’s presence has caused Jem to act as if he is fearless and can handle any one in his path, proving to Dill that he was the more courageous one out of the bunch. Using the stories told to him about Boo Radley, Jeremy Finch creates a game based on the Radley family. In Scouts mind she says, “Jem’s head at times was transparent: he had thought that up to make me understand he wasn’t afraid of Radley’s in any shape or form, to contrast his own fearless heroism with my cowardice.” This scene proves to the audience how Jem uses the Boo Radley’s legend to affirm his bravery towards both Dill and Scout. Theme The overall theme of chapter’s four to seven is the continuous theme of not judging someone until you get to know them and having an open attitude towards individuals before judging them. This is demonstrated many times throughout the novel.
An example of this was found in chapter four when the children decided to make up skits based on the Radley’s. Atticus, Jem and Scouts father, is a very strong believer of this theme. When he saw that the kids were playing these games, he immediately questions asked them about the Radley’s and they denied, however Atticus took an approach that got the kids thinking about it: “I don’t know. Atticus didn’t say we couldn’t.”
Another example of Atticus trying to teach the children an important theme throughout these chapters was apparent on page 65 when Atticus found out that the children wanted to give a note to the Radley’s: “What Mr. Radley did was his own business. If he wanted to come out, he would. If he wanted to stay inside his own house he had the right to stay inside free from the attentions of inquisitive children.”
Conflict The conflict that was found in chapter 4, 5, 6 and 7 were quite interesting. Some examples of conflict that were found in chapter 4,5,6,and 7 was when Scout was walking back from the last day of school and found some tinfoil sticking out a knot hole at a tree near the Radleys house. It caused conflict because the tinfoil that scout found was a wad of gum, she started chewing it which made Jem mad because she was eating things that she found randomly also because they were not allowed to touch things around the Radleys house. Another piece of conflict that I found in the four chapters was when Jem , Dill, and Scout sneak over to the Radleys house and peek in the window, Dill looks first however sees nothing but curtains while Jem looks and see a shadow they quickly try to run away. While running they hear a shotgun shot which possibly led to Jem having trouble escaping causing him to lose his pants. This caused conflict because this created a huge commotion around the neighborhood and also this showed Jem disobeying Acticus. Irony The irony in these few chapters was actually a bit challenging for me to find. The Ironies that I found was in chapter 6 when Jem and Dill were playing games, Scout was hesitant to participate in them however she did not want to be left out. Another piece of irony that I found was when Jem loses his pants while trying to escape the Radleys house. This is ironic because Jem says there is nothing to worry about the Radleys house since he already touched it before in the prior chapters. Yet he loses his pants while tring to escape the Radleys yard. Key Quotations in Chapters 4-7 "When I went back, they (Jem's jeans) were folded across the fence... like they were expectin' me." p.78 "Then I saw the shadow. It was the shadow of a man with a hat on. At first I thought it was a tree, but there was no wind blowing, and tree trunks never walked. The back porch was bathed in moonlight, And the shadow, crisp and toast, moved across the porch towards Jem.” "Tin-foil was sticking out of a knot-hole just above my eye level, winking at me in the afternoon sun. I stood on my tiptoe, hastily looked around once more, reached into the hole, and withdrew two pieces of chewing gum minus their outer wrappers." p. 44 "On the days he carried the watch, Jem walked on eggs." ANY QUESTIONS?
:) It was Dill’s last night in Maycomb, so Jem and Scout decided to hang out with him at Miss Rachel’s fish pool. However that didn’t last long because Dill wanted to go for a “Walk”. It seemed suspicious for Scout because nobody in Maycomb just wanted to go for a walk. It was more than a walk because Dill and Jem wanted to peek through the windows of the Radleys to see if they could get a look at Boo Radley. Scout was hesitant about peeking at the window which led to Jem yelling at her to come with them and do it or Go home. Of course being Scout she did not want to be left out so she followed them. As they entered and passed the fence they made a deal to spit on it. After the spitting was done they crept to the side of the house and gently lift Dill to take a peek at the window as they lowered him he said that he saw nothing but curtains. So then they tried to the back window but Scout was really scared so Jem took a peek at the window. While Jem was taking a peek Scout saw a shadow Jem and Dill also sees it. They run away as fast as they can but Jem loses his pants because it got stuck in the fence. As they were running they heard a shotgun sound behind them. After running to the schoolyard they return to the Radleys house because Jem said they will think it will be suspicious if we don’t show up. When they return they see, Mr. Radley standing near his gate and Atticus is also there with other various neighbours as well. Jem then asks one of the neighbours what happened. The neighbour explains that they heard Mr. Radley was shooting a White Negro in his backyard and has another barrel waiting for him if he shows up again. Acticus then questions Jem about his missing pants. Dill makes up a story about how they were playing strip poker and how Jem lost it to help out Jem. While Jem said it was rather matches they were playing with instead of cards. Dill then says his goodbyes to Scout and Jem. When Jem and Scout are in bed Jem wants to go retrieve his pants but Scout tries to convince him to not get it by saying getting whipped is better than losing your life. However it does not work so Jem leaves anyways. When Jem returns he is trembling with fear while holding up his pants. Thank You :)
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