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The Beatles PWS Stella en Eva

No description

Stella Boogaard

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Beatles PWS Stella en Eva

'A journey through
Beatle-land' Fasten your seatbelts and experience this with us! Departure Is there something like a
Beatle Formula? - Who are 'The Beatles'
- Why did they change during their period of success?
- Who influenced them?
- Image and songs
- How did they influence the pop culture 17-12-2012
Eva Rácz and Stella Boogaard
VWO 6 Passports Paul McCartney Birth year : 1942
Instrument : Guitar, bass guitar and keyboard
Married : Linda Eastman in 1969
Children : Mary, Stella and James John Lennon Birth year : 1940
Instrument : Guitar, bass guitar and harmonica
Married : Yoko Ono
Children : Julian and Sean
Important note : John was killed by a fan in December, 1980 George Harrison Birth year: 1943
Instrument : Guitar
Married : Pattie Boyd, 1966 - Olivia Aria's, 1978
Children : Dhani
Important note : in 1988, George got throat cancer. He died at an age of 58, 2001. Ringo Starr Real name : Richard Starkey Birth year : 1940
Instrument : Drums
Married : Maureen Cox, 1965 - Barbara Bach, 1975
Children : Lee and Zak Differences The ... Beatles OLD NEW Who has influenced them? 1. Bob Dylan
2. Elvis
3. Ravi Shankar
4. Yoko Ono A look into one of world's most famous closets.. 1. Mauve jackets and pointy shoes
2. Leather jackets, cowboy boots and greasy hair
3. The classic black turtlenecks
4. The suits
5. The psychedelic look: colourful, lots of prints.
6. The suits again Their influence during their period of success The Beginning 'Skiffle'
Clean cut kids
The Quarrymen, 1957
'The Cavern'
Record deal EMI's Parlophone label, 1962
'Love Me Do' One unit
The Beatle Mania
Performing artists Studio band
Psychedelic Their Songs Their influence on pop music Technique


Music Oasis
Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
Jimi Hendrix
Alice Cooper
Guns 'n Roses
Louis Tomlison
77 Bombay Street Arrival Conclusion 1969 Abbey Road Love Me Do Blackbird
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