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Berlin Airlift and the Iron Curtain.

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trae dussault

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Berlin Airlift and the Iron Curtain.

Berlin Airlift and the Iron Curtain The Iron Curtain In 1948 soviets cut off berlin from all support from the west and threatened the loss of the US's position in western europe. The US responed by sending aircraft full of fuel food and other necessary resources to berlin delivering 2.3 million tons in cargo in the next 15 months. The concept of the Iron Curtain symbolized the
ideological fighting and physical boundary dividing
Europe into two separate areas from the
end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the
Cold War in 1989 the countries on either side of the curtain
made thier own treaties and alliances: - Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
and the Warsaw pact on the east side with
the soviet union as the most important - the european commity and Nato on the west and south
side with the united states as the military power. the curtain physically took the shape of border defenses most notibly the berlin wall. The Berlin Airlift by the spring of 1949 the effort was becoming a success and by april more cargo was being brought into the city than had preiously been brought in by rail. the success brought humiliation to the soviet union who thought the airlift wouldn't make a difference. motives and or methods 1. expansionism- ussr extends thier sphere
of influence. 2.containment- the us used contaiment in
berlin airlift to prevent
communist expansion. To what extent did the ideological conflict affect international relations after the second world war? It strained relations between the eastern communist powers and western democratics.
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