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WWII Research Project

3 Topics from WWII - JA Internment, Holocaust, Atomic Bombs

Rachel Grygiel

on 5 June 2010

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Transcript of WWII Research Project

Be a History Detective! Background Research Refined Research Got to know the basics!
Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? Did you accomplish this with your 5 research articles? Time to take it to the next step! Test yourself right now! I have heard... "The articles repeat themselves." "It is the same stuff over and over." But you got to do the detective work! = RESEARCH! World War II Research Project Ask yourself... Do I have the right information? Enough information to make an informed decision? Strength in Numbers T Chart Yes or No Step 1 Step 2 Who? 120,000 Japanese Americans & Immigrants
When? after PH - Feb 1942-
Where? 10 internment camps around the country
Why? tougher one to answer!
How? by Executive Order 9066 from FDR Time to start researching smarter.
You got the basics. Refine your search! Step 3 Share Your Research "When the U.S. Government decided that it needed capable Japanese translators, they turned to the Nisei, or Japanese-American, population, many of whom were being retained in internment camps in the west due to fear and mistrust. Many young Japanese-Americans had received instruction in their parents' native language, and could be trained to serve as translators and code breakers in the Pacific Theater of Operations." (Minnesota Historical Society)
Was the internment of Japanese-Americans justified? When you talk about your research topic you often find out you... 1. know a lot 2. don't know enough You are forced to interpret and eventually analyze your information for your "audience" or fellow "detectives." Did you know about... - Exclusion Acts of 1880? - Japanese Agricultural and Economic Success on the West Coast? - U.S. Govt Apology to Japanese Americans in the 1980s? - Korematsu v U.S.? You have to dig a little deeper to get the whole story! - Anti-Japanese Sentiment on West Coast? It requires... TIME EFFORT aka...work. Choosing SOLID Sources Database - Facts on File
Encyclopedia - Britannica
Museum or Govt Site - USHMM or LOC
Newspaper or Magazine - Time-Life or NYTimes
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