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Dominic Tess

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Migration

Please don't sleep during our
presentation thanks!

Migration Event
By Edward and Dominic


Central Idea!
Migration is a response to a variety of reasons.

What happened in the Cambodian war
Civil war 1975-1978
Pull factors
Lines of Inquiry!
Key Concepts!
Push Factors
Writing about Push/Pull
Facts about Push/Pull /Shishi
How people migrated
Film about the Cambodia war
Map showing the Cambodian War
Maths about Cambodian War
Facts about Cambodian War
1. An inquiry into the outcomes and impacts of migration on communities.

2. An inquiry into the differing perspective towards migration and immigration.

3. An inquiry into how migration develops diversity.

Causation & Perspective
1. Introduction
2. Film
3. What happened
4.People migrate
5. Writing
6. Maths
7. Facts
8. Push Factors
Cambodian War
9. Pull Factors
10. Writing
11. Bibliography

By Edward Chen

Gunfires woke me up, it had been happening for centuries, I was furious of what was going on, my parents had already die of this situation, I need to escape.

I had two major challenges, they were leaving my precious house I had lived in since I was born and going through the danger zone without being spotted and killed, streams of tears gushed down my face.

As we had our last moment on our treasure land of memories we scurried onto the compacted sail boat. As the waves crashed onto the aged wooden boat rain slapped us in the face. The land of our great new lives is not far from now, eagerness filled our minds but despair filled our hearts.

Undisturbinly I woke into the peaceful city from my calm sleep inhaling the fresh breezy air, my new life awaits the comforting city made the corners of my mouth curve into a beaming grin.

I was home, I hoped.

1975 to 1979
Vietnam invasion 1978-1979
Pol Pot Regime-2 million people died, known
as The Killing Fields!
Pull factors are when you want to go somewhere and you are not being forced for example going to a different country to visit family is a pull factor and so is going on holiday.
Migration Story
A push factor is when there is something happening in your country or city and you have to evacuate out of the country for the safety or that the pollution is so high that you have to leave. Its basically like being forced out of your home country! Pretend your country has a war and too many people are getting killed then you will have to move out of your country for the safety if you and your family also it could be that an army or a gang is raiding your village or house then you will need to leave. There is a lot of different kinds of Push factors, some are
How Doms parents migrated to NZ? After the war they knew they had to go to the Thai refugee camp which was lead the United Nation. So they avoid being seen by the thai armies otherwise they would be sent back to Cambodia
During their journey alot of people died from stepping on the land mines. Luckily my parents survived and made it to the Thai refugee camp. They stayed there for nearly a year before the New Zealand government brought them to NZ
Fashengle shenme shi
Te mea i tepu
Pana Take
Tuidong Yingsu
Ladong Yinsu
People: Dom's Uncle/Dad :D
Websites about Cambodia war:
Youtube: The Killing Fields Trailer
Websites about Push/Pull Factors:
In this Prezi we will be mentioning the Cambodian war along with informing you on it also the Push and Pull Factors as well.
The Khmer Rouge was lead by Pol Pot.
The khmer Rouge took over Cambodia for 3 years.
Then at 1978 there was a war between the Veitnam soilders and the Khmer Rouge.
At 1978 the Vietnam soilders won.
The Cambodian People went to Thai to go to the refugee camp.
After that the Cambodian people sign up to go to another country for safety.

Push Factors is like your country is in crisis and need to leave or you die!
Pull Factors is when you go back to your country to see you parents that are living or something else.
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