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Prez Star Wars Final - Simon - 27.01.2016


Francis Bertrand

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Prez Star Wars Final - Simon - 27.01.2016

What’s behind distributors ?

Understanding the world of Distributors
What is our current strategy ?
5 key trends to be worked on

-OTA Shifting strategy

-OTA Commission & contract control

-OTA Rate parity control / Rate & inventory intergrity

-Improved technology

-Mariage between distribution & revenue management

What are the challenges ?

The importance
of technology
and connectivity


Direct connectivity is king

Adds simplicity
Sabre Direct connect

 Cost effective, easy to use, reliable

 Allows quick rate, inventory and restriction updates

 Facilitates multiple points of data entry & control

 Secure payment & client data

 Minimizes parity issues

 Never Manage ARI via the OTA Extranet

Starring :

The OTA's /
Darth Vader

Cristiano Alves /
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Patrick Mathis /

Francis Bertrand /
Rate parity optimization

Implementation of a rate parity tool support (Pricegain)

Real time pricing data
Proof of parity breaches
Escalation process leading to minimizing parity issues

- Join global agreements

- Ensure price and inventory parity (same everywhere)

- Handle rate parity issues (SOP to be released - escalation and resolut)ion)

- Give priority to direct connectivity (no use of extranets)

- Protect MHR brand (no SEM / SEO, nor promo on key branded words)

- Identify repeating guests and encourage channel shift (book directly with us)

- Push MH&R in your daily communication

- Focus on mobile, engage in mobile marketing

- Content, content, content

Major Global Contracts
To be Rolled out
Coming soon
Q1 2016
During 2016
Managing the complexity of distribution


The obscure side of distribution...

The End

Direct sales

Hotels direct
Toll free

Indirect sales / Static

Tour operators

Indirect sales / Dynamic

Online travel agencies

- Sign local agreements. → Use our distribution templates

- Do credit facility →, Virtual Credit Card or client’s credit card

- Contract too many operators with similar source markets. Should be
Incremental business, not business displacement..

- Sell lower rates online and break your own price parity , use closed
distribution groups instead, with RM area approval

- Avoid extreme commission or discount levels

- Update your systems manually

- Forget to keep in touch with an OTA client after departing

- Put all eggs in the same basket

- Do flash sales all year round

- Avoid lastminute discounts via OTA’s or mobile discounters

- Retail OTA’s

- Merchant OTA’s

- Wholesalers

- Classical TO"s moving to online

- Flash operators working on
closed consumer groups

- Mobile applications

- MHR website

- Manage a balanced approach of direct & non direct sale

- OTA business is good when incremental

- Hotel distribution too complex, confused, unsure

- Too many distribution channels making it confusing

- How can we make it smaller but more efficient ?

- Develop & cultivate relations with key players but also with a
selection of smaller niche players

- No short term activities but a broader distribution required


- 30 million ARI triggers occur daily in 2015
- 3 billion shopping requests are sent to Synxis per month
- 1.8 million reservations pass through the CRS
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