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Paula Morris

No description

Harley W.

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Paula Morris

Paula Morris: Paula was born in 1965, and she is 46 years old right now. She was born in New Zealand. Her current home is New Orleans. She moved in various differernt places, such as London, New York, and New Orleans. About the Author: More about the Author? Paula has no kids of her own, but she does have siblings that do have kids. Her neice is the one that inspired her to write about the book Ruined, and about the Mystery/Adventure type of books! Books that she wrote! -Dark Souls
-Trendy But Casual
-Queen of Beauty
-Hibiscus Coast
-Forbidden Cities (series) Queen of Beauty, was Paula Morris' first novel. She won first works of fiction at Montanna New Zealand Awards in 2003. Her first short story collection, Forbidden Cities, (2oo8) was a regional finalist in the 2009 Commonwealth Writer's Prize. Book Awards!!! School/Job... Paula Morris was a college profesor, she taught at Tulane University and the moved to Scottland and now she teaches University of Stirling. Her favorite book is Ruined, because she wrote that book for her neice. She exprienced New Orleans in the process of writing the book. Paula has a special intrest in graveyards, and multiple books have that theme. More....... THE END!!! Presented By: Alex & Harley Dark Souls is a young adult fiction book. It is about a girl in York, England that knows a secret about the most haunted city. Another Mystery/Adventure book. Forbidden Cities is a fiction and its about, a girl that travels all around the world, and she compares how people communicate's. Trendy But casual is a fiction. It is about a girl that's about to loose everything; her home, her job, her boyfriend, and it tells about how she deals with it. Hibiscus Coast is fiction. It is about a girl, named Emma, and she gets kidnapped because she is acussed of stealing a painting, so she relies on her artstic ability to copy the painting andescape! Queen of Beuty is a, adult fiction novel. It is about a girl from New Zealand living in New Oreleans. She spends time in the library, trying to find out about her family history, when she goes to her sisters wedding, she sees all that has changed in her life! Ruined is young adult fiction, and its about a girl who is destined to die, or her cousin. Mystery/Adventure type of book. Credits: #1 Prezi! ,
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