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The Executive Branch

No description

Amy Fonseca

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch
Executive Branch
Consists of: The Governor General, The Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Public Service
Governor General
gives formal assent to a bill before it becomes law
performs ceremonial functions
acts as an adviser to the government to make sure it abides by the Constitution
Prime Minister (PM)
is the leader of the political party with the most seats in the House
3 roles: head of government, leader of nation, leader of a national political party
made up of elected party members chosen by PM
usually responsible for one department (defense, foreign affairs, etc)
Public Service
a.k.a. civil service or the bureaucracy
permanent employees who perform the ongoing business of the government
gather statistics, write details for new laws, represent Canada in other countries, carry out laws, process passports, answer citizen questions
Senior civil servants advise ministers and draft new laws
A political party
is an organization who support a common set of goals and beliefs
in Canada: Main parties are Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Bloc Quebecois and Green (sort of)
each party elects its own leader and has candidates run for office in each riding during elections
Head of Government
asks GG to name new judges, senators
decides when to ask GG for an election
chooses and changes Cabinet members
has final say about creating policies
National Leader
addresses Canadians on issues of national concern
explains goals of the governing party
speaks on behalf of Canada at international events
works with premiers
Party Leader
spokesperson for the party
gives patronage appointments
leads party members in Parliament
Selecting a Cabinet
difficult to do and important to maintain support for party
should reflect the culture, linguistic, and social diversity of the nation
never really fully achieved . . .why??
The Cabinet's job . . .
responsible for the running of their department: operation, finances and actions of their staff
speak on behalf of their department in the House and in public, ie. to the media
rely heavily on their staff
in Cabinet meetings can express views freely but in public are expected to show support for their party and leader . . . .this is called Cabinet solidarity
Party Whip
usually elected by party
ensures members are present to vote and support party bills
occasionally discipline those who don't tow the line . . . force resignations, etc.
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