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No description

Ahmed Ben Bra

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Illuminati

I luminati
What is the Illuminati?
a secret organisation which contains the richest and most powerful people worldwide

founded on 1.Mai 1776 by Adam Johann Weishaupt

prohibited since 1785, but they are still active

affect the government, the politic , the economy and they also have a big affect in the music company and in sports etc.
Goals off the Illuminati
setting up a world government leaded by the Illuminati

to destroy every religion and nationality

legalising drugs and the pornography will be artistry

collapse of the world economy

premature death of 3 billion people until 2050
Illuminati and the U$-Dollar
Dagobert Duck
The towers are falling!
The Simpsons
Illuminati in Comic-Series
Chain Gang Johnny
Symbols of the Illuminati
Owl of Minerva
Mano Cornuta
Illuminati Pyramid
666-Number of the devil
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