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No description

Mason Ashford

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Depression/Ressesion

Double click anywhere & add an idea Recession Depression Causes: Causes: October 1929 to the beginning of WWII (1939) Large drop in the stock market
(stock market crash) Relief: Raising tarrifs on exported goods War (of course) banks, stores, and factories shutting down Over-production Under-consumption Production of guns and other military tech. "New Deal" Loss of confidence Bank holidays (other contries did this too) Unemployment Some government involvement Some government involvement President Roosevelt Creation of social security Rationing High risk loans Soup kitchens President Hoover Federal Reserve System Intrest rates Regaining confidence in the economy Inflation Deflation Inflation Deflation (gas prices) (higer wages polacy) Fisical polacy Distrust in the government Healt care prices High risk bank loans immigration Bush Obama Relief: December 2007-???? Cuting back Creation of new jobs More spending Trust in the economy Hoovervilles Similarities: GOVERNMENTS FAULT!!!!!! The price of US money going down Prices of goods going up Stupid people taking out
loans they can't pay off No trust in the government Immigration played a role And of course
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