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What is a typical Australian by Caitlin

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of What is a typical Australian by Caitlin

2 cars
average gender: female
2 males 2 females in a family
born in Australia
speak English
2 story house
2 kids
2 pets
married parents
2 parents in a family
live in New South Wales
go to school
3 bedrooms in a house
live in urban area
Question 1
From the data collected describe the characteristic of an average Australian

Question 2
How are you an average Australian? Discuss your similarities and differences from the data collected

The similarities I found between my perceptions and the census data was that we have 2 children in our family. We live in Brisbane which is a city and a urban area. We live in a 2 story house were born in Australia and speak English. Like many other families in Australia we have 2 cars. My parents are married like the average Australian Family.

The differences between my perceptions and the census data is that we do not have a pet and I am only 10 years old not 37. We live in Queensland not New South Wales.
What is a typical Australian by Caitlin
live in a two story house
own 2 cars
speak English
born in Australia
married parents
4 people in family
live in suburban area
4 bedrooms in a house
holidays 5 times a year
live in Queensland
private school
2 males 2 females in family
born in Brisbane
no pets
play sports
live in Queensland
speak English
born in Australia
private school
married parents
2 kids
live in city
2 car
two story house
holiday once a term
2 males 2 females
From the data i collected the average Australian has a number of 4 people in their family with 2 parents. The average Australian has 2 cars in heir family, 1 for the mother 1 for the father. The majority of people live in a urban areas and are born in Australia. The average Australian is married and speaks English. The average jobs for men are a tradie, clerk and a office job. the average jobs for women are an office job, receptionist and a teacher. The average religion for a person is catholic. The average family lives in a 2 story house with a pet.

Question 3
How has your perceptions change of what is an average Australian?

I have now learnt that the average Australian lives in a urban area not in the city, has 2 children in a family not 3 and has at least 1 pet in a family. I was surprised when I found out that the average gender was female not male and that the average Australian is catholic.
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