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The Amazing Website Citations!

By: Maria, and Alexis 8B

Alexis R

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The Amazing Website Citations!

How to Cite websites in MLA Format. Have you ever had to list resources for a project in MLA format and not know how to do it? At the end of a project if you have used internet sources you have to list them. The reason you have to list the web citations is to gve credit to the author of the website and to avoid copyright issues. Usually you will be asked to put the website citations in MLA format. Here is an example: Smith, George.“Phillies Win the World Series.” B5 Media, 2010. Web. 12 April 2010. By: Alexis and Maria http://www.dianahacker.com/resdoc/p04_c08_s2.html#E prezi suck prezi sucks!!!!! Step 1: List the author from Last to First name and put a coma in between the last and first name. Timeline of Citing a website Step 2 : Place a period after the author and begin writing your title.
Step 3: Put your title in quotes and place a period after the title inside the quotes. Step 4: lsit the sponsor if given and place a comma after the sponsors name.
Step 5: List the the date of publication or last update on the website Step 6: List the medium which means state whether the ciation is from the web or has been published.
Step 7: List your date of acess and put a period at the end to signify you are done. More Examples: Thank
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