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Habitat Destruction

Science Project- 6A Ms. Kuller PLP MS


on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Habitat Destruction

by: Y-Van, Lavanya and Nicholas
The Problem!
Air travel is a big factor in habitat destruction. Without a home, species will have to keep on traveling further away from their natural homes to find a new one. That might cause them to die early.How would you feel if you had to keep on moving because your home was destroyed?
Habitat destruction is when humans or nature destores animals homes/habitats. When a habitat is destroyed, the plants, animals, and other organisms might go extinct because they have nowhere to live. And air travel is one of causes of habitat destruction.
There are many reasons to the cause of habitat destruction, but the cause that we're talking about is air travel. When new airports are being built, they tear down natural resources which includes ponds, bushes, trees and other plants. These are all what animals need in order to survive. The airport is not small area. An airport is so big that many animals would lose their homes. Just destroying one small area can make a huge difference in an animal's life. Now, we'll show you some solutions to this problem.
What is Causing Habitat Destruction?
We can do things that are helpful to the environment and the animals' habitats. We may not be able to stop the building of airports, but we can do other things to help the environment. Some of the things that we can do are: plant more trees and plants in your area or local park, and don't EVER litter- this makes the habitat dirty and the animals really sick.
One person alone can make a huge difference...but a whole group of people will make an even bigger

difference! Talk to your friends and family to see what you can do to help save these animals. Just think about having to move away a lot because some huge giants are tearing down your homes...it's really sad. You can encourage your community to GO GREEN and have community clean-ups. Remember- Reduce Reuse, Recycle! And walk whenever you can!
So What Can I Do to Help Prevent
Habitat Destruction?
Be Eco-Friendly!!!!
While strolling around your neighborhood or park, remember to be on the look out for garbage and recyclable items. After, put it where it belongs! Just doing something small like this is really helpful.
Now It's All Up To You!
Air travel is something we need in order to travel to other parts of the world. Unfortunately, building big airports in natural areas has caused habitat destruction.We have looked at a few solutions to habitat destruction. Hopefully, more solutons will be discovered in the future. We hope that you are aware of this problem and that you will help to make a difference in the environment and an animal's life.
The next slide will show you pictures of just some of the endangered animals because of habitat destruction problems related to flight.
Snow Leopard
Blue Heron
Greater Bamboo Lemur
Hold on! We don't build airports in the Arctic Circle! How does flight affect the polar bears' habitats?
You're right- we don't! But when we fly, the gas from the planes pollute the air causing global warming, which melts the ice floes on which the bears live on. That leaves them homeless until they find another ice floe that might melt as well. That will eventually leave them homeless- unless we lessen global warming. That brings us back to the 3 R's- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! And never litter!
Oh! So everything we do everyday affects the polar bears' habitats- in both a good and bad way?
Yes! In fact, everything we do everyday affects all of the animals' habitats- in both a good and a bad way!
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
It's up to you now!
~ Mahatma Gandhi
Every little thing helps
Quick Fact!
About 100 areas of animal habitats are destroyed every single year- and this number will most likely rise over the years!
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Polar Bear
Habitat Destruction Caused by Flight
Reduce Reuse Recycle by: Jack Johnson, cover by: Mitchell Musso- uploaded by disneychannelmv (Youtube)
We thank these people and websites for their help in making this presentation!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
At Home...
-Turn off the lights and open the curtains!
-Walk/bike whenever you can
-Unplug electronic devices when not in use!
-Close the door on a cold day (so the heat doesn't escape)
A Quick Eco-Tip:
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