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Copy of RENDER

No description

Kholuod_Sara ..

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of RENDER

Kholuod AL-Shehri
Nada AL-Robai
Nahla AL-Quidan
Sara AL-Agili
Shiekhah AL-Binali

CSIT Library System
Done by:
Dr. Tamanna Siddiqui
Case Study
Problem Statement
Students of CSIT college currently do not have library units, and during the project submissions period -as an example- a lot of students do not even have a place to sit.

Many students report late arrival of books orders.
System planning
Scope statement
Scheduling by
Network diagram
Accessing project feasibility
Baseline Project Plan
Task-Responsibility Matrix
Project Communication Matrix

1. Develop CSIT library system to eliminate the paperwork, also to record every transaction in computerized system so that problem such as record missing will not happen again.

2. To design a graphical user interface (user-friendly) which suit the users.
To complete the system according to project schedule.

3. Take the other systems problems in consideration in order to make an efficient comprehensive system. To produce technical report that documents the phases, tasks and deliverable in the project.

4. Convince university's Deanship of Library Affairs to take their approval
then start the project implementation.

5. Have active communication with the university's Deanship of Library Affairs to make sure of their support and commitment of the project.

6. Our top-level timing goal is to implement this system by the end of this academic year, and complete the project in three years time period.

CSIT Library System is application to manage all of library's activities. It is use by librarian and library admin to manage the library using a computerized system.

Reports are also included in CSIT library System. If users position is Admin, the user is able to view different kind of report.
- First type of reports is rental and return report.
- Activity log report also provided by system so that admin can check what process has been carried out.

When user lost the book, user can fill Lost Book form to register the lost book and receive the fine that is double price of that book.

This project will help the University of Dammam to achieve some of its strategic objectives and long-term goals such as improve the quality of student services.

Library system will improve the student services and the duration of this benefit will be exist as long as the collage exist.

Project Deliverable :
1. Library system planning.
2. Library system requirement.
3. Library system analysis.
4. Library system design.
5. Library system programs .
6. Library system documentation
7. Training procedures.
The time this project need to complete the system is
one academic year,
and the entire project to establish the library in reality will finish in three years.
Project Name :
CSIT Library System
University of Dammam Deanship of Library Aairs
Project Manager:
Kholuod AlShehri
Problem/opportunity Statement :

The College of Computer Science and Information Technology established recently and did not developed its library yet. For these reasons, the purpose of our project is to provide our college a system to manage their daily library activities in a way that makes this library station that college students aim for learning.
Project Objectives
System Description
Business Benefit
Estimated project duration
Determining system
Gathering Requirements
System Requirements
Network diagram
Network diagram
Economic Feasibility
Other Feasibility Analysis
Technical Analysis.
Operational Analysis.
Legal and Contractual Analysis.
Political Analysis.
Schedules, Timeline, and Resource Analysis.
Baseline Project Plan
Project Overview.
Baseline Project Plan
System Description :
System Description
Baseline Project Plan
Management Issues
Schedules, Timeline, and Resource Analysis.
Baseline Project Plan
Communication Plan.
Project Standards and Procedures
Task-Responsibility Matrix
Project Communication Matrix
Information collected from users
1. Interview transcripts
2.Existing documents and files
3.Computer-based information

a- Results from joint application design (JAD) sessions
b- Displays and reports from system prototypes
System Requirements

- Register new membership

All User
-User login
System Requirements

-Password recovery
-Search book
-Reserve Book
-Member maintenance
System Requirements

- Rent Book
-Lost Book registration

Admin User
-View rental report
-View Top 10 book report
Process Modeling And Logic Modeling
Discussion Table
Context Diagram
Discussion Table
Level 0 DFD
Discussion Table
Discussion Table
Process Modeling And Logic Modeling
Data Modeling
Data Modeling ERD
Evaluation Project Objectives
Projects Strengths and Weaknesses
We planned for validation to avoid some functional error in later time.

We are going to consider important data and generated them automatically, because the member registration data may cause user input error.

According to our plans, we intend to allow user to keep track member renting history.

No additional and unnecessary steps required to perform the task that we are plan for.

We will build the system in a way that allows the user to keep track of the lost book.

We are going to build the system in the way that allows the user to check the book whether is avaliable for reservation or not.
Projects Strengths and Weaknesses
Allowing the user to enter their own information may result in mistakes in the database.

The completion date might be delay due to the availability of resources and staff training.

The database need to be updated from staff and that might cause delay in students services.

If the database crashed for any reason, all student and book records will be lost.
Future Enhancement
For future enhancement, there is suggestion to improve the system availability. The library system may implement smart phone application which will allow the students to access library content at any time and from anywhere.
Any Question?
Thank you
System planning
Determining system requirements
Process modeling and logic modeling
Data Modeling
Give basic understanding about the library system.
Show steps of system planning.
Illustrate how we determined system requirements.
Explain process modeling and logic modeling.
Data Modeling.
Gantt Chart
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