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Psyc 417A

Community Service Learning presentation for the UBC course Psyc 417A - Community Psychology.

Humaira Hamid

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Psyc 417A

Psychology 417A
CSL presentation Humaira Hamid | April 2010
Univeristy of British Columbia SeTTing Goals &
FOR IMPROVEMENT Conceptual physical Vice President, Students Student Development & Services UBC Orientations GALA Imagine "Participants" - incoming & returning students - current students involved UBC
Point Grey
Campus Centre for
Involvement CSI VPS portfolio UBC Orientations To advance student success, the portfolio's mission is to provide opportunities to
fulfill nine main goals Those relevant include: (a) the retention of the best incoming students to the institution
(b) fostering a "safe, inclusive and sustainable campus community"
(c) facilitating the student transition into and through the University
(d) providing "a positive and dynamic University community
experience for students" For Leaders For participants Familiarize students with the Point Grey campus & available resources (including people!)

Facilitate connecting with peers & making friendships

Facilitate mentorship connections between incoming students with matched current students Connect students in a meaningful larger network of peers and leaders

Educate new leaders about UBC resources & opportunities

Facilitate personal & professional development
CLosing Remarks clients served... "Leaders"
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