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No description

Josh Allison

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of InnKeeper

All about the InnKeeper in colonial times.
Being the InnKepper
Besides waking up early you have to wait till all the guests are asleep before going to bed and if you dont have kids a wife or a maid you have to wash the peoples shoes.You have to put there horses away in a coral so no horse theifs steal them.You have to make breakfast for the people wich is a lot of food.You get food from the colonial farmer.
There must be one hotel in each town at least. If you are an inn keeper you may NOT go to bed in less everyone else is sleeping. a inn keeper may have one other job then Inn keeping such as shop keeper or blacksmith you may go to that job when the hotel is not busy or closed
Being a InKeeper is really hard such as going to bed really late and waking up really early
Fun Facts
One of the hardest jobs in colonial times. Must do what guests ask in less not aloud by manager (Innkeeper).May have apprentices. Guests may only stay the night and come back another night they may not stay all day. It costs money to stay in the hotel. Inn keepers do not allow counterfeit money if you do give them counterfeit money you will go to jail.
Inn keeper (owner of hotel)
Fun facts (something fun to know)
Manager (Inn keeper)
colonial (someone in the old times)
Apprentices (someone young that will become inn keeper after you)
Vocab two
coral (horse stable) theif (a rober) hotel (a place for people to stay over the night) counterfeit (Fake money) jail (a place were theifs go to be locked up)
How is life as Inn keeper difficult
Inn keeper is difficult cause you have to wake up at 4:00AM and go to sleep at 12:00Pm normally, in the morning they have to prepare a lot of things like breakfest and fires.
Hows life as an Inn keeper harder then now
It's harder cause we have machines and things they did not have back then.
how does Inn keeper impact my community
Inn keeper impacts the community by giving people places to sleep over the night.
How is Inn keeper still important to our community today
It still is a place where people can stay on vacation and trips with teams.
how does my job impact the other jobs
they give people places to stay over night like shoppers or people that work in the town without homes places to stay
What is one way being Inn keeper is hard
What is an Inn keeper
What is the time Inn keepers wake up
What time does Inn keeper go to sleep
What is one way Inn keeper impacts today
Life as an Inn keeper
Inn keepers bedroom
Inn keeper
Rules of Inn keeping
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