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Atmospheric Layer "Cake"

No description

Nicole Hagberg

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Atmospheric Layer "Cake"


The lowest layer of Earths atmosphere
5 miles thick
the tropopause is a boundary marked by stable temperatures
78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen
temperature usualy declines with increasing altitude in the troposhepere
densest layer
Where the weather forms
We live in the troposphere
Where the clouds are
The troposphere is where planes fly
Hot air ballons and and planes rarely fly through this area
Where shooting stars blaze
The Mesosphere is where meteors burn up as they hurtle through space and towards the earth
Where the meso pause is located
Like the troposphere temperature decreases the opposite of the altitude
around -100 degrees celcius
This is the middle layer
Coldest of all the layers
48 to 80 meters above sea level
The layer where the temperature rises
Contains two different layers ionosphere and exosphere
Also contains the Auroras
The largest layer out of the four
Located about 80 to 3500 KM above sea level
Atmospheric Layer "Cake"
21 mile's thick
Where the strato pause is located
The temperature increases along with altitude
no forms of weather
Inside the lower stratosphere is the ozone layer
The stratosphere holds most of the atmospheres ozone
The Ozone Layer
This layer protects the Earth, it's animals and even you from the sun's UV rays, that act like lazers against Earths surface.
300,000 miles above sea level
No air
Farthest layer/ last layer of the four
No exopause
Hot teperatures- 1700 degrees celcius
Molecules are very spaced
By Nicole and Maddie
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