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Membership 2013

No description

Lisa Wylie

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of Membership 2013

Laurel Highlands Council Strategic Plan
2015 -2018
To be the youth organization of choice in the region.
Objective 1
: Maintain Positive Unrestricted net assets in the operating fund.

Objective 2
: Increase council-generated net contributions by 3% annually.

Objective 3
: Add new permanently restricted gifts to the endowment fund.

Objective 4
: Increase United Way funding.
Objective 1
: Strengthen Governance and Compliance Practices.

Objective 2
: Improve board utilization and composition.

Objective 3
: Increase quality and quantity of individuals on district committees.
Objective 1
: Identify and increase the number of community-based Scoutreach troops.

Objective 2
: Increase the number/density of youth in Cub Scouting.

Objective 3
: Increase the number of youth in Exploring.

Unit Service
Objective 1
: To recruit, develop, maintain, and grow an effective commissioner corp.

Objective 2
: Enhance connections and missional sharing with Chartering Organizations.

Objective 3
: Cooperate with the membership and program committees toward development and integration of membership retention.
Objective 1
: Create and re-launch marketing committee.

Objective 2
: Bring communication/marketing back to the basics.

Objective 3
: Strengthen communication aimed at target audiences.

Objective 4
: communicate Scouting's relevancy to families (moms of 7-year-olds)
Objective 1: Council-level training - better quality program is delivered by trained leaders.

Objective 2: Coordinated council events and calendar communications.

Objective 3: Council summer camp program.

Short Term Goals
-Inspect each camp using the National Camp Accrediation Program.
-Complete facilities evaluation and develop a continuous improvement plan.

Long Range Goals
-Complete internal evaluation.
-Development of a Properties Master Plan
-Assist council the submission of the Application to Operate.
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