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Setting Goals

No description

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Setting Goals

Goal Setting
A simple method for smarter goals
Making a Goal
Create "SMART" Goals:
Time Frame
Specific: Make goal focused and concise.
Measurable: The progress made should be trackable.
Agree: Make sure you are committed to the effort required.
Realistic: Make it an obtainable goal.
Time Frame: Budget your time wisely for the task ahead of you.
List Objectives That Will Help You Reach Your Goal
Write out all the things you have to do to complete your goal.
List the Challenges With Each Objective
List the Possible Solutions for Each Challenge
Problem Solve Your Issues
Figure out what tactics you can take to make your challenges less of an issue
Choose which solutions work best for you that will also benefit your goal
Think of the things that stand in the way of you and your objectives
Just be honest with your self. It can do you no harm.
I want to get a grade of AB in Biology 121
Attend Each Class
Do all Homework Assignments
Study for Exams
Challenges to Attending Each Class:
BIO 121 is at 8:30 and I might sleep through it
I will miss class when I go to the volleyball tournament
Solutions to Not Waking Up for Class:
Set several alarms
Find a Buddy to come to your room and walk with you to class
Note How "SMART" That Goal Is
If you have any questions you can contact to the Center for Student Opportunity (located next to Joe's Place) for more information
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