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prezi final

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trust orlu-orlu

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of prezi final

IT Achievements I am Orlu-Orlu Trust The purpose of the
presentation is to review
what I have accomplished so far
with the online learning resources
available to me. Academic Social Networking Personal Development What next? Thanks For Watching. Youtube videos
I found my module BMSC1210 hard to
understand at first.Animated videos like this on
youtube made them a lot easier to understand as it
is in easily understood pictures Podcasts Before now I had not used
Itunes or anything like it.
For my Pharmacology lectures,
there were podcasts to be listened to.
I could do that while chilling out
in my room and learning at the same time.
How cool is that? Ms-Excel I have learned
various descriptive statistics
operations and data analysis
techniques.Using operations on
excel from percentiles to t-tests.
I learned to use a software
Lab Origin for my BMSC1213
laboratory report. It was better
for use when plotting sigmoidal
graph. The curve was perfect and
it was easy to use. And of course creating
a wiki. That was very useful,
although I have not created one
outside school work. It feels
good to know I can do it. Good old Facebook has
helped me be in touch
with group members like
for the wiki.
The best thing though is
being able to find lost
classmates from over 10years
ago. I get a huge buzz.
When I have a nice picture,
I can upload it and get the
comments coming. I had a research placement
last term with Professor
Arun Holden. I learnt a lot
from him. Most important I
think was how to get information
from scientific journals.This
skill I have already used for
my last report, it felt great. News feeds I have learned how to get newsfeeds from
various websites. It is even better when
I can get updates from my country. http://www.google.co.uk/reader/view/?hl=en&tab=wy#stream/feed%2Fhttp%3A%2F%2Fnewsrss.bbc.co.uk%2Frss%2Fnewsonline_uk_edition%2Fhealth%2Frss.xml I am looking to get better with
my computer skills. There is plenty
room for improvement as this prezi
shows. When I left my country
less than two years ago,
I knew nothing about computers.
See where I am now! Amazing. I have an internship already
which will involve me developing
a program on plagiarism for the
University. I hope to learn a lot
more out of that. I used A software graph pad prism
to analyse data. It is
very useful as it gives detailed
results when used to carry out a
test on a given distribution. It could show
how reliable a hypothesis was and so much
more Doing the wiki provided an opportunity
for team work which I need a lot of.
That is one area I should improve on.
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