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Purple Day

No description

Laura Taddei

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Purple Day

Purple Day at RMS - March 18, 2016
Do you know anyone with epilepsy?

We can make a difference
What is Purple Day International grassroots effort to raise awareness of epilepsy worldwide founded by Cassidy Megan who has epilepsy.
Dozens of countries participate in this effort!
Friday, March 18, 2016 please wear PURPLE to raise awareness of Epilepsy.

I am proposing that everyone in the school (who wants to participate) wear purple to support epilepsy awareness and that we collect $1 or a donation of their choosing to support the Epilepsy Awareness Foundation.
I am glad to be alive. I almost died on May 24, 2015 from having a seizure in the pool. I partially drowned, but my brother and paramedics saved my life. I have to take medicine every day and cannot miss a dose. I do not wish this on anyone which is why we need a cure. I have been fighting epilepsy since I was six years old.
Join us and wear purple to RMS - Friday March 18, 2016!!!
We want to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and raise money for epilepsy!!! Please join us in the fight!
Music credits: How to Save a Life by The Frey

Thanks to Cassidy Megan for founding this important event - http://www.purpleday.org/aboutus

Thanks to the Anita Kaufmann Foundation for sharing information and continued advocacy for epilepsy awareness - http://akfus.org/about-us/anitas-story/

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