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No description

Esther Harris

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Agency

Esther Harris Agency Presentation Budget: Exceeding $14million anually Each supervisor can only have 10 staff Funding and Sponsors Ford Motor Company The Children's Center Agency Info Foster Care staff Community
Partners Helps Children and families shape their own futures Resources The Children's Center tries to provide their clients with the majority of the services they need on campus. CEO- Debora Matthews
COO- George Winn
Chief Medical Officer- Dr. Cecillia Astorga
Chief Financial Officer- Bob Blumenfeld
Chief Administrative Officer- Nebeleh Ghareeb
Chief Development Officer- Tammy Zonker The Children's Center was founded in 1929 by Senator James Couzens “A child comes into this world without choice of its own future and is dependent upon grownups for many years; the child is dependent upon parents for its physical and mental development. Why should a child be left wholly dependent upon so many ‘ifs’ –
•If the parents are competent and have the will;
•If they have the necessary money to bring up the child;
•If they have a regular income and employment
As many of the ‘ifs’ should be softened.” 79 W. Alexandrine
Det, MI 48201 Location 90 Selden
Det, MI 48201 19900 Evergreen
Det, MI 48219 TCC Head Start Child Welfare 2 African Americans
1 Asian
3 Caucasians Over 5,000 children served anually Ages: Birth-22yrs Staff: 202 therapist, case workers, psychologist, and support Each staff social worker can only have 15 cases/kids Hired foster care specialist are only required to have a bachelors in social work, sociology, psychology or criminal justice No experience is required Dentist Health Clinic Therapy Tutoring Autism clinic Strengths and Concerns Their resources Thoroughness The process they put the foster parents through The long lunch breaks Coming in late Staff often seem unorganized Everyone is very friendly and welcoming The End Microsoft Detroit Wayne County Mental Health State of Michigan Community Health DHS DPS The staff is about 85% women It appears to be 90% African American Unsure about sexual preferences 1 woman is bound to a electric wheelchair shes in administration Private non-profit The clients are assigned by DHS based on availability Beds Services needed Sib groups How they get their clients -Accredited by the council on Accreditation since 1986 What makes them effective -largest number of specialized therapeutic programs for at-risk children and youth *with help from their community partners
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