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Life In The Cities

No description

Donovan Golden

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Life In The Cities

Life In The Cities
Jarret Wilkening
Jennifer Serrano
Donovan Golden
Sophie O'Brien
Alec Posing
The price of a low payed hotel was 10 dollars per week.
Ways of transportation
*Water ways,railroads, and roads were main transporters.
*The most famous car was Fords Model T.
* The Model T was made for 19 years.
*The first cars were made in 1885.
How many people lived in a apartment at once?
about 9 people lived in a apartment.

Inventions for cars.
The air conditioner was made by Thomas Ahearn.
*Mary Anderson made windshield wipers.
Mary Anderson
Thomas Ahearn
Joseph Paxton was born on Aug.3,1803
Facts About Ford
*Ford made 15,000,000 cars.
*Ford was most famous for his Model T.
*Ford's Model T costs $450.00.
Some of the websites we used were: thecleanairkids.org, localhistory.org, and pbs.org.
We had a fun time working as a team!
Henry Ford
We hope you did too!!
OWEN JONES was born on Feb. 15,1809
Did you like it? Tell us if you did.
and died on Apr.19,1814
Did you get that???
The Crystal Palace
and died Jun. 8,1865
The Cystal Palace
was a amazing sight for the people, but the sad thing was that it was burned down. For all the people it was a cruel thing .
when it was burning
after the fire
One of the famous building from the Industrial Revolution
The Crystal Palace is one of the most famous sights. It was built by
Owen Jones
Joseph Paxton.
Another Famous Building
The Prudential Building
Model T
The difference between modern and old cars.
Ford F-150
The Prudential Building
was a beautiful sight. The creators were Louis
Dankmar Adler
Louis Sullivan was born on Sept.3,1856
and died on Apr.14 1924 in Chicago, Illinios.
Dankmar Adler was born on July 3,1844
and died Apr.16,1900 in Chicago,Illinios .
Facts about trolleys.
*Trolley buses were replaced by elctric trams.
*By the 1950's, most trolley buses had been replaced by motor buses.
The Prudential Building
The Prudential Building is 12 stories high.It is in Buffalo
, New York
hi to all
Horses from the industrial revolution
* Many towns from the 1800s had horse drawn trams that ran in the streets.
* Horses helped transport many goods and people
* Horse drawn trams were replaced by electric trams.
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