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Sofia Kovalevskaya

No description

Fatima Olumee

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Sofia Kovalevskaya

Sofia was born into a family of Russian nobility.
Attitude towards maths
How many of you have gone behind your parents' backs?
Studying Maths in Secret
Sofia married Vladimir Kovalevsky in 1868, when she was eighteen years old...but not out of love...
Sofia's Forced Marriage...
In 1871, due to not being allowed to study officially at university, her professor's teacher, Weierstrass helped tutor her in mathematics and science.
In 1874, Kovalevskaya wrote a paper on Partial Differential Equations that finally won a doctorate. Despite this massive achievement, she was still unable to gain an academic career.
Partial Differential Equations
Sofia spent 6 years depressed due to rejection and deprived herself of studying any maths during this time. She went back to studying maths in 1884 when she finally got a chance to be a professor in Stockholm.
Six years of Depression
Sofia Kovalevskaya

Sofia Kovalevskaya was a female mathematician
who was the daughter of an artillery general.
She was born on 15 January 1850 in Moscow, Russia and died on 10 February 1891 in Stockholm, Sweden
Ever since the age of 11, Kovalevskaya has loved maths.
"I began to feel an attraction for my mathematics so intense that I started to neglect my other studies."

In 1869 Sofia travelled to Heidelberg to study mathematics and the natural sciences
Weierstrass tutors Sofia
Sofia died 10 February 1891 in Stockholm, Sweden
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