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Alyssa Wodnicki

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The main uses for Hydropower are for to produce electricity. 20% of The United States electricity is generated by hydropower. That energy of Hydropower are used for dams to generate electricity. The uses of hydropower evaporates into the water cycle. The projects from the dam go into a reservoir to produce electricity. When the precipitation falls on the ground later evaporates to renew the water cycle.
( http://www.energy4me.org/energy-facts/energy-sources/hydropower/)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using hydropower?-Aida Vlad
Hydroelectric power is a renewable source of energy. That is an advantage because it will never run out and people do not have to worry about conserving it. Other advantages are that hydroelectricity is beneficial to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and hydroelectricity does not require any fossil fuels to run the plant once it has been built. This makes the economics of hydroelectricity very favorable because it is not affected by rising oil prices. Disadvantages are that hydroelectricity causes other environmental impacts including habitat loss and flooding. Also displacement of people by dam construction as well as reduction of anadromous fish habitat.
( http://www.eoearth.org/view/article/155703/ )

Which state in the U.S uses the most hydropower?-Marina Kelly
In the United States Washington uses the most hydropower. That is because it has some of the largest dams. One of them is “The Grand Coulee Dam” which is the largest concrete dam in the world.(Wiki Answers) It is located in eastern Washington along the Columbia River(Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerce,2013) . 66% of Washington’s natural energy comes from Hydropower. That is where more than half of all of their energy comes from(U.S department of energy,2013)! It is amazing how much water can power.(http://energy.gov/articles/top-10-things-you-didnt-know-about-hydropower, http://grandcouleecc.blogspot.com/,http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_biggest_dam_in_Washington_state)

What Is Hydropower?
-Alyssa Wodnicki
The hydrosphere is connected to hydropower in varies ways. First, the hydrosphere has to do with the Earths water. Hydropower is water that is converted into electricity, so in this case we use the Earths water for some electricity. Also the hydrosphere and hydropower have the same origin which is hydro. Hydro means water. So both of these things have to do with water. The hydrosphere includes all the bodies of water on earth which includes rivers, oceans, ponds etc. and hydropower is energy from moving water. (http://geography.about.com/od/physicalgeography/a/fourspheres.htm)

How is hydropower an efficient alternative resource?- Maggie Nielsen
Hydro power is a very efficient resource. About 10% of all US power plants run on water [Dana Meachen Rau, 2010, Alternative Energy ,Beyond Fossil Fuels, Compass Point Books]. That may not seem like a lot, but as a comparision, only 4.4% of power plants run on wind power.
But why do so many people rely on hydropower for everyday electricity? Water never runs out. Hydropower is produced by harnessing a rivers current and harnessing that energy to produce electricity. It is a very simple way to create cheap electricity. Also, hydropower does not create any air pollution. If we relied on hydropower more we would have a bright and efficient, future.

How is the Hydrosphere connected to the hydropower? -Micaela Salonga
Why is hydropower a reliable source of energy?
-Sam Sellis
Alyssa Wodnicki
Sam Sellis
Aida Mocanu-Vlad
Micaela Salonga
Isabel Wojcik
Maggie Nielsen

Kelly :)
Hydropower is electricity created from water. This is
tied to the water cycle becuase the snow and rain create streams which is where the creation of hydropower starts. To create hydropwer you need a power plant where it's created, a dam located in a river with a turbine inside and a resovoir where it can be stored. When you create hydropower the water does all the work. Inside of the dam there is a turbine; on one side of the dam there is the equipment and on the other side there is the water. On the side with the water there is an intake that brings the water inside where the turbine generates electricity. All the pressure of the water causes the turbine to spin. Once the elctricity is generated it travels through long-distance electrical lines that trabel to many homes everywhere.(http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/hydropower-profile/)


an intake that controls that water flow and delivers water to the hydaulic turbine
a wheel rotated by water; it's water powered
a passage that leads the surpluses of water to a new area

HY HY Hydropower!

Did you know that today Hydropower is providing more than 30 million homes with affordable power? This is because hydropower facilities can quickly go from zero power to maximum power,making them exceptionally good at meeting rapidly changing demands for electricity throughout the day. Because hydropower plants are the only major generators that can dispatch power to the grid immediately when all other energy sources are inaccessible,they are proven essential back-up power during major electricity disruptions such as the 2003 blackout. An estimated 50 million people living in states from New York and elsewhere, like the Niagara and St. Lawrence-FDR plants,operated continuously through the blackout and helped to restore power to millions of Americans.This Unique operational ability, known as blackstart,means that hydropower facilities can resume operations in isolation without drawing on an outside power source.(http://www.hydropower.org/)
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