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Copy of Cognitive Neuroscience

No description

Mason Mann

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Cognitive Neuroscience

Human Brain Nunta Chalothron
Mason Mann The Project Timeline R HBP Tentative Questions Works Cited Project Presented by Test medications
Learn how the mind functions 3 Main steps Data acquisition Simulation Visualization Why An attempt to reverse engineer the human brain to recreate it at the cellular level in a computer simulation, by using the BBP as a platform Purpose (Human Brain Project) Speed of testing would be much improved Rats are similar but not sufficient Past & future milestones Controversy Video of how synapses form together in simulation
: Patch clamping technique video: How To Create A Mind, By: Ray Kurzweil http://bluebrain.epfl.ch/ http://bluebrainfilm.com/bb/ http://www.humanbrainproject.eu/ http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~lngbrain/Farh/col.html Overview Program called NEURON Project timeline

2002 Henry Markram found the Brain Mind Institute (BMI) at EPFL
2005 June - EPFL and IBM agree to launch Blue Brain Project, IBM installs Blue Gene
Basic simulation of single neurons achieved
2006 Auto-generated cortical column simulated, shown to be biologically valid
2007 November - modeling and simulation of first rat cortical column
2008 Cortical column construction and simulations
2009 June - BlueGene/L replaced by BlueGene/P, doubling of processors
Simulations of cortical construction continue
Simulation of multiple columns, cellular mesocircuit of 100 columns
2013 February - decision expected on Human Brain Project funding of €1 billion over 10 years from the EU
2014 Cellular-level simulation of the entire rat brain neocortex, ~100 mesocircuits
2023 Cellular-level simulation of the entire human brain, equivalent to 1,000x the size of the rat brain RTNeuron Patch clamp method How? -The Project was started in 2005 by the Brain Mind Institute of the EPFL

-Project is directed under Henry Markram founder/director of both the Brain Mind Institute, the BBP, and the HBP

-Funded by the Swiss Government. Recently granted 1.3 Billion dollars for the project. Brain disease treatments

Scientific curiosity about consciousness and the human mind

Integration of all neuroscientific research results worldwide

Progress towards building thinking machines (bottom up approach) One in four people will suffer from one of around 560 brain diseases during their lifetime. Therefore it is important to have a good strategy for understanding these diseases and finding suitable treatments Experiments on models are also more efficient and limit the need for laboratory animals BBP (Blue Brain Project) An attempt to reverse engineer the rat brain to recreate it at the cellular level in a computer simulation, a stepping stone in order to develop the synthetic human brain Reasons Why The basics Neuron ~ A cell that transmits information through electrical and chemical signals Column ~ 10,000 neurons Mesocircuit ~ 100 columns Complete rat brain ~ 100 mesocircuits Complete human brain ~ 1,000x size of rat brain Will it be functional? Is there too much money invested? Emotional intelligence Misuse of technology If they were to accomplish building the synthetic brain and tested medications on it, would it be ethical to kill it and re-test on it, since it will have the same emotional functions as a real human brain? Do you think that the human brain project will accomplish its timeline? Should the money being funded by the government, be funded towards something else, such as other medical research or the economy? http://www.artificialbrains.com/blue-brain-project#data)
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