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QR Codes in the Classroom

No description

Christy Gross

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of QR Codes in the Classroom

QR Codes in the Classroom Christy Gross
Harry E. James Elementary
October 2012 Codes are everywhere! A QR ("Quick Response") Code is a two dimensional bar code that can store almost any alphanumeric data. QR Code Readers Use of QR Codes to Show Student Work Use of QR Codes in Student Work Stations Interesting Ideas for Use of QR Codes Use of QR Codes to Enrich Learning website URL's
plain text
phone numbers
map locations
e-mail addresses
audio/video iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch: Qrafter
QuickMark quickly link to a website
create a scavenger hunt
link to a location in Google Maps
start a Bingo game use codes with student-written math word problems in stations
have students use codes to include Flip videos in projects
show student-created book trailers add QR codes to a textbook or worksheet to give more information, send students to a website, video, etc.
make displays interactive by giving further information about the country, period in history, person, etc. They were invented by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in Japan in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. Formerly only for industrial uses, they have in recent years become common in consumer advertising and packaging, because the popularity of smartphones has put a barcode reader “in everyone's pocket.” information from Wikipedia Why use QR Codes? Motivation for students – it’s fun!
Promote differentiation for students
Inspire learning
Synthesize learning
Make it easier to begin a task Some of the ways I have used QR codes... StoryKit writing – shared with other students, principals, and parents
Famous People videos – station review lesson
Inference Scavenger Hunt My favorites! QR Code Generators QR Hacker
QR Stuff http://bingobaker.com/play/3 explain a task at a station - written or audio (can have different codes for different students to allow differentiation)
give verbal directions at a station with a computer-generated voice (QR Voice) color code! http://www.qrstuff.com http://www.qrvoice.net attach a QR code to a physical object (such as a skeleton with multimedia about a part of the anatomy) to allow for thorough exploration
link stories to other resources – stick QR codes in reading books that children take home to link to comprehension questions for parents or to related games they can play More Interesting Ideas for Use of QR Codes to Enrich Learning Ideas for Audio Uses of QR Codes Put a QR code in the front/back of a library book that allows you to hear a student’s review of the book
Send a QR code home to parents that allows them to listen to their child reading or telling a story put a QR code beside student artwork in the hallway with students telling about themselves and the relevance of their masterpiece Ideas for Audio Uses of QR Codes Create a kinesthetic reading adventure with QR codes that need to be scanned to advance through the story – place codes around the room to encourage movement One Final Idea... The uses are endless... Audio and Video Audacity recordmp3.org Flip video iPhone/iPad Use a qrs.ly URL shortener if you have lots of text (makes the code easier to scan)
Use different colors for different subjects
Use different colors for different levels of tasks (differentiation) Helpful Tips
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