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XSPhilosophy: Why we are driven to innovation

- safety above all - Focus on the customer - Simplicity defines quality - There's no such thing as a problem


on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of XSPhilosophy: Why we are driven to innovation

Safety above all
At XSPlatforms we believe that working at heights should be safe and simple. Whether you are doing maintenance work on a roof or washing the windows of the world’s biggest skyscraper. Everybody everywhere should be absolutely safe whilst working at height.

On our quest to change the way the world works at height, our five core values guide our actions:
People who work at height should be able to completely trust on the safety and reliability of the equipment they’re working with.
Focus on the customer

Every step of the product life cycle, from design through maintenance, is performed according to certified procedures. Only if our products exceed all requirements are they good enough to leave our premises.
Also in terms of ease of use our solutions have to surpass the high standards we set for ourselves.

And because they are so user friendly, the risk of incorrect use is extremely slim. It’s not without reason that we hold a zero accident track record.
Because our customers range from property owner to end user, and they all have their own way of looking at things, we have to take a lot of wishes and needs into consideration.
Whether it’s fall protection or facade access equipment: we always start from the perspectives of all parties involved.
We continually ask ourselves these questions so that we come up with the best possible options.

That is why we don’t ‘make products’, but offer solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Solutions with the right balance between design, functionality and safety.
Simplicity defines quality
The best solutions are often characterized by simplicity in design and use. That is what we strive for in all of our solutions:
a perfect balance between functionality and ease of use.
The best isn’t good enough
Only the
very best
is good enough for us. Whether it is the material we use, our products, our customer support or our business operations. We set high standards for ourselves and aim to exceed expectations.
With every innovation and every product improvement we make, we keep setting the standards higher. Always on the outlook for new challenges. New opportunities to make the difference between working at height and working safely and easily at height.
There’s no such thing as a problem
We don’t believe in problems, we believe in challenges. Where others see difficulties, we see possibilities. And whenever something seems impossible, we’ll look for a way to make it possible.
That is why we don’t see ourselves as
a producer or supplier:
we offer solutions.

Solutions that make working at height safer and easier.
Every situation and every problem has a solution.
We believe our products should facilitate the work being done: make it easier, safer and more efficient.

They should have a minimal effect on the work that needs to be executed. No fuss, but optimal functionality through simplicity and user friendliness.
Fall Protection
Facade Acces Equipment
Suspended Platforms Systems
Scaffolding Systems
The Engineering department at XSPlatforms is the first in the industry to be certified by the TÜV quality institute and authorized to perform CE-testing.
How can we make sure there is a minimal impact on the structure and architecture of the building?
What functions are required and needed?
What does the working situation of the user look like?
What are the characteristics of the building?

That is why we test all of our products according to the highest safety standards in the world.
Finding these solutions for working at heights is what we do best.
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