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Discipline Presentation 2016-17

Code of Conduct Presentation

Lauren Maxwell

on 11 August 2017

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Transcript of Discipline Presentation 2016-17

Guidance Notes
Guidance Card
Bullying & Harassment
Progress Book
Information for Success
@ Discovery Middle School

Clinic Facts
Good Hygiene
Updated Emergency Contacts
Note to Attendance Upon Return

Deputy Dishuk
- Bicycle Safety & Registration
- Bike Rack Information ( Lock Bikes! )
- Crossing at Cross Walk(s)
- Car Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures
- Classes taught at DMS
MAGIC - TBD - ALL Grade Levels
Cyber Crime... Cyber Bullying :-(
Guidance Notes
Schedule Changes
Bullying/Harassment Definitions
How To Report Bullying/Harassment Incident
Progress Book Access

Mr. Borja & Mr. Peters
Code of Conduct Infractions

Level 1- 4 Infractions/Consequences
Filling out a witness statement
No Contact Contracts
Grade Level Administrator
Dress Code
Safe Harbor
Cell Phones
Grade Level Goals & Expectations
Welcome To Discovery Middle
Dr. Fernandez- Principal & 8th Grade Administrator
Mr. Brown - Assistant Principal 8th Grade
Ms. Leptz - Assistant Principal 6th Grade
Mr. Borja- Administrative Dean
Mr. Peters - Administrative Dean

Guidance Counselors
Mrs. Shank- 6th Grade & 7th Grade Last Name M-Z
Ms. Rollins- 8th Grade & 7th Grade Last Name A-L

Support Staff
Mrs. Court- School Nurse
Mrs. Gelpi- ESOL Services
Mrs. Holman- Reading Coach / Dean
Mrs. Romaine - ESE Services
Deputy Dishuk - School Resource Officer
Mrs. Vazquez- Cafeteria Manager
Bullying Definition
Includes systematically and chronically being cruel to other students on OR off school property if it adversely impacts the educational environment at school.

This may include but is not limited to- pictures, rumors, repeatedly teasing someone, name calling, & purposeful exclusion
Harassment Definition
Harassment means to engage in a course of action directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress and/or creates an unpleasant or hostile situation by uninvited and unwelcomed verbal or physical contact. This may include, but is not limited to, pictures, rumors, repeatedly teasing another person, name calling with profanity, and purposeful exclusion.
Campus Safety
How to Report A Bullying/Harassment Incident
1) Tell ANY adult immediately
2) Call Speakout Hotline (800) 423-TIPS

Guidance Office Location- Main Office
Progress Book
Make sure to check ProgressBook weekly to stay up-to-date with current academic progress
Level 1 Infractions/Consequences
Taken care of by your teachers
Parental Contact
Lunch Detention
Withdrawal of privileges
confiscation of unauthorized item(s)
Level 2 Infractions/Consequences
Any Level 1 consequence and/or..
Alternative Class
Bus Suspension
Level 3 Infractions/Consequences
Any Level 1 or 2 Consequence and/or...
Lunch Room Info
Lunch Lines
School ID/ Student Number
Lunch Money
Walking to/from/in cafeteria
Witness Statements & No Contact Contracts

Witness Statements
No Contact Contracts
Level 4 Infractions/Consequences
10 Day Suspension with the recommendation for expulsion
Dress Code
Safe Harbor
Student may approach a school official and voluntarily surrender an object
Safe Harbor does NOT apply if a search is ongoing in the school
2016-2017 Goals
To be the TOP Middle School in Orange County !

An Explorer's Core Values:
2016-2017 Goals
To be the TOP Middle School in Orange County !
Safe Harbor
Student may approach a school official and
surrender an object
Safe Harbor does NOT apply if a search is ongoing in the school!

All caps, visors, hoods must be removed when entering the campus
Bandanas are not to be worn
NO Visible piercings such as lip, nose, tongue, or eyebrow
NO accesories like hats, sunglasses, or jewelry with sharp objects

All garments must follow the 4 finger rule across the shoulders
Bare midriffs and bare sides should not show even when arms are extended above the head.
Garments and/or jewelry which display or suggest sexual, vulgar, drug, alcohol, or tobaco-related wording/graphics may not be worn.
Clothing that is too tight or revealing is unacceptable.

Undergarments MUST remain entirely covered even while seated.
Hemlines or shorts, dress, skirts and skorts shall be no shorter than mid-thigh
Clothing that is too tight or revealing is unacceptable
If leggings or tights are worn, the student's shirt or shorts worn with them must be at least mid-thigh.

Discovery Middle School Dress Code
The following information is intended to clarify the Orange County Schools dress Code and should be used as a guide.
*For complete Dress Code visit Code of Student Conduct www.ocps.net
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