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Rajasthani Clothing

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Gary Augst

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Rajasthani Clothing

Rajasthani Clothing
Men Clothing
Bot men and women wear beautiful jewelry in Rajasthan. Men only wear earrings and gold or pearl chains, but women dress with very heavy jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. Different tribes of Rajasthan wear different kinds of jewelry that resemble things in nature such as the moon, leaves, the sun, and flowers.
Rajathani Clothing
Rajasthan is large state in the western part of India. Rajasthanis show their culture through their bright clothing which includes a wide range of jewelry and beautiful costumes. in this prezi, I will be showing you some of this fantastic clothes.
Women Clothing
Traditionally wear long skirts called a ghagra, a kurti or choli,which is a blouse with a top, and an odhini, which is a large piece of designed cloth.The odhini is tucked inside the ghagra and it is worn over their head or right shoulder.
A pagri is a turban that Rajasthani men wear on their head. Men wear different pagris depending on which part of Rajasthan they are from. More than a 1000 types of pagris are worn in Rajasthan!
Pyjama or Dhoti
A dhoti covers the lower part of the body and it commonly has a white color. Different kinds of dhotis such as silk and colored ones are worn on special occasions.
choli or kurti
The angharka is the upper wear for men and it is usually worn with a dhoti. The angharkha has a v-neck opening and the parda, which is a falp that covers the chest and it is buttoned. There is a long angharkha and also a short angharka which is caled the kamari angharkha.
The patka is cotton garment around the waist. Back in time, it used to be used to hold weapons like swords.
Mojari or Jooti
The traditional footwear for men that is usually made from sheep, goat, or camel skin. The shoes are decorated with beautiful embroidery.
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