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david suzuki and severn suzuki

No description

yasmine angliss

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of david suzuki and severn suzuki

David suzuki And Severn suzuki DAVID SUZUKI AND SEVERN SUZUKI David Suzuki co-founder of the David Suzuki foundation is an award winning scientist environmentalist and broadcaster. he is renowed for his radio and televion programs that explains the complexities of the natural sciences in a compelling easily understood way.

At 23, Severn cullis-Suzuki is one of the world's most remakable youth activists.born and raised in vancouver, Severn has been working on in environmental and social justice issuces since kindergarden.At age 9, she and some friend's started the Environmental childen's organization (ECO) , a small group of childen committed to learning and teaching other kids about environmental issuces. They treavled to 1992's Rio earth summit , where 12 year old Servern gave a powerful speech that deeply affected the leaders who heard it.
David Suzuki David S David Suzuki Severn Suzuki By: Andy.M And Yasmine.A david was born in british columbia on march 24 1936 david suzuki is an award winning scientist evironmentalis and broadcaster.He earned a B.A at amherst college(Mass) in 1958 followed by a PhD in genetics at the university of chicago in 1961.He was a professor of genetics at the university of British Columbia from 1969 until 1993 when he became an associate in the university. severn cullis suzuki was born and raised in vancover canada.Her father is a second-generation japanese canadian.While attending lord tennyson elementary school in french lmmersion, at the age of nine, she founded the environmental childrens organization (ECO) a group of childern dedicated to learning and teaching and other youngsters about environmental issues. and born on november 30 1979
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