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Funfiction in Japan

No description

Mayu Hayashi

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Funfiction in Japan

Fan Fiction What is Funfiction? fiction written by fans about characters created by someone else. Generally, fanfic is written about movie or television characters. Fanfic is never written for profit, only for the enjoyment of fellow fans. Nowadays the largest form of fanfic is based on Japanese anime/manga series, followed by those based on Harry Potter series. Japanese fanfiction manga are known as doujinshi. "a book for people of the same interests" But doujinshi can contain a variety of materials:
sketches and drawings
guest art
original stories
original comics
anything One of the most common forms of doujinshi is fan manga (fan comics) anime, video games, and manga The copyright issue of doujinshi in Japan... a bit iffy They are technically illegal However, doujinshi can be priced only to cover the expenses of printing.

They are printed in limited quantities.
Doujinshi conventions in Japan (Comiket) Doujinshi creators sell their doujinshi (comic book) or goods.
Doujinshi help to grow the fandom and promote the original series.
Many professional comic artists got their start doing doujinshi (like CLAMP), most companies tolerate them. Some comic artists' assistants release doujinshi even after going professional. For example...

Takeuchi Naoko, the creator of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, released a doujinshi artbook called "Infinity"; the artbook featured Sailor Moon artwork by her friends, including professional comic artists and the comic voice actor.
"dough-jin-she" No profit for doujinshi creators
The costs of their books are normally only to cover the price of printing.
Some doujinshi only focus on romantic and sexual relationships between characters. (boys love, nomal love, and girls love) Ratings, genres, and content of doujinshi vary greatly from comedy to romance, drama, sexually explicit material. www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmUCFbygs5I&feature=related
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