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Subia Ahmad

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Disneyland

1. Introduction & Definition
- What is Disneyland?
2. History about Disneyland
- Who invent it?
2.1 Walt Disney's first Disney Park
3. Disneyland around the world

4. Conclusion
Roy O. Disney
Walt Disney
Founded: October 16, 1923
Orange orchad in Anaheim
Entrance Ticket
Walt Disney † 15. Dezember 1966
First Disneyland
In Anaheim, California
originally created by Walt Disney
Founded: October 1st, 1971
In Florida near Orlando
Biggest amusement park in the world
Founded: April 15th, 1983
In Urayasu, Japan
First Disneyland outside the USA
It's the 3rd most visited amusement park in the world
Founded: April 12th,1992
In Marne-la-Vallée, France
Most popular tourist destination in Europe
Founded: September 12th, 2005
In Hong Kong, China
Include only one theme park and cost 3,5 billion dollars
Upcoming theme park in China
Open in December 2015
The project costs 3,7 billion US-dollars
The Sleeping Beauty Castle
Disneyland during the construction
Building of the scenic railway
Magic Kingdom
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Disney's Animal Kingdom

"What this country really needs is an amusement park that families can take their children to. They've gotten so honky tonk with a lot of questionable characters running around, and they're not to safe. They're not well kept. I want to have a place that's as clean as anything could ever be, and all the people in it [his park] are first-class citizens, and treated like guests."
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