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Hispanic Americans: Luis Walter Alvarez

Spanish 2 Hispanic American Month project

Ben Grow

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Hispanic Americans: Luis Walter Alvarez

Luis Walter Alvarez By Ben Grow San Francisco in 1911 Birth Education Born June 13, 1911. Died August 31, 1988 Born in San Fransisco, California Family Parents Walter and Harriet Alvarez Wife and Kids Geraldine Smithwick (1936) -Walter and Jean Janet L. Landis (1958) -Donald and Helen Attended University of Chicago -Received Bachelor of Science Degree -Received Masters of Science Degree - 1932 - 1934 - Received Doctorate - 1936 Early Career 1936 joined the Radiation Laboratory Of the University of California 1940-45 on leave at other universities Most of early career was spent on cosmic rays, nuclear physics and optics Main Part of Career During WWII developed 3 radar systems - Microwave Early Warning System - Eagle High Altitude Bombing System - Blind Landing System (citizen and military valued) Designed Berkley 40-foot Linear Accelerator Societies The National Academy of Science The American Philosophical Society The American Physical Society -President in 1969 The American Academy of Art and Science The National Academy of Engineering Awards/Trophies Collier Trophy in 1946 John Scott Medal Prize in 1953 Medal of Merit in 1947 "Scientist of the Year" in 1960 Einstein Medal in 1961 Pioneer Award of the AIEEE in 1963 National Medal of Science in 1964 Michelson Award in 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics in 1968 Sources http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/1968/alvarez-bio.html
http://www.invent.org/hall_of_fame/4.html More Career Liquid-Hydrogen bubble chamber - Detects subatomic particles Played huge part of the Manhattan Project - Suggested technique for detonating atomic bomb Theories Developed the dinosaur extinction by meteorite theory Developed with son
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