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Garbage Monster

earth day

nehcyhtac chilts

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Garbage Monster

GARBAGE MONSTER Player Experience Players experience the pleasure of throwing garbage,
while contributing something to their digital world. throwing and collecting Process Municipal Garbage/Recycling Bin Tracking System Bin associates the garbage with RFID in user's phone. Bin photographs and track what is being thrown into it. Bin associates the garbage with user account User in DW obtains all garbage items from physical world that are associated with his/her account. user utilizes this garbage as resources User utilizes refuse to construct infrastructures, tools and/or robots ` Objectives Exploration Construction Collection Reusing Recycling RULES Different types of garbage have different characteristics:
durability, flexibility, etc. Garbage shall be constructed effectively for organization of the kingdom Proper distribution of garbage allows users to
gain more points and power One shall destroy other kingdom's monster through monsters' physical interactions or garbage made weapons. Winner collect opponent's garbage for his/her garbage treasury. Trading garbage among users are allowed Point system represents the life, energy and strengh of creatures. Real World Points are gained through
proper distribution of garbage in physical world
recycling: 20
garbage: 10
distribution mistakes (garbage into recycling): -10 Outcome Thriving Digital Garbage Kingdom Increase knoweldge of garbage distribution shared communities of online garbage collectors BAM! POW! WHAM!
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