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Changing a dropout into Graduate

No description

Troy Braley

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Changing a dropout into Graduate

Our Mission- To find students who have dropped out, been expelled or are not attending school and get them a diploma and off to college.
Our Motto:
Learn anywhere, anytime and at an advanced pace.
Welcome to Brady Exploration
Our Students-521 students
40% Reading below grade level
70% Math below grade level
16% homeless
92% minority
75% Free & reduce
18% ESL
Gang Representation
“…dropping out of high school is no longer an option. It’s not just quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country and this country needs and values the talents of every American.”

- President Obama
Education Pays!
$16,121 No high school diploma
$24,572 High school graduate
$26,958 Some college, no degree
$32,152 Associate degree
$45,678 Bachelor’s degree
$55,641 Master’s degree
$86,833 Doctorate
U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2002

If you do not graduate

Life expectancy 48 years
90% chance incarcerated in Prison

Need transcripts and IEP
If out of district

Plan to test on Aug 12
Teachers work in teams
flexible schedule
Computers for every student in all classrooms
The Road-food, clothing, drop in center, counseling
Universal Breakfast
Parent Classes every other Thursday
No homework
No Ds or Fs
Why try, GRASP, NOT, Stress groups
All students must take all assessments
We can graduate you, provided you attend!
Attendance is everything! If your student does not attend regularly we will:
1st call from secretary/grad coach
2nd call from secretary/grad coach student meeting with counselor
3rd call from secretary/grad coach to inform a mandatory AST meeting between counselor, social worker, DOP, parent, seminar teacher and student. If under 16 must also attend Graduation support meeting with Magistrate.
If all these interventions student will be placed in a strict attendance improvement plan through administration that may lead to withdrawal for a term.
Students are always welcome back after going through Re-start program.
All ESL students will be
required to go to school
from 8-5:20 and take heritage Spanish if native
spanish speaker

What does Blended Learning
allow us to do?
Question WHY you do what you do?
Be creative and explore options
Accelerated pace- terms vs quarters
Testing out options
Mastery web based curriculum
Weekly progress monitoring
Frequent feedback
High Expectations
Reduce discipline
Intake process
Mandatory Info meeting
SRI Reading assessment
ACT Engage assessment
Parent meeting with ESL
Prepare teachers and staff
PD every day
De-escalation skills- CPI, Life Skills
Conflict Resolution
Truly differentiate lessons
Encourage mistakes
Empower them
Teach them how to collaborate
Observe and video each other
Bloom's taxonomy
Lots of structure
What has worked?
Empathy not sympathy
Team Teaching
Websites designed by teachers
READ 180
Kahn Academy
CAT - Credit at Term
Passport to Your Future
Scholarship opportunities
Student Led Conferences
Our challenges
What we struggled with?
Home visits
Night session
4 Day school week
Health care van
Reading Coach
Reading Plus
Florida Virtual
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