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Sample Animal Farm Sociogram

Example to show Yr 10s

David Feeger

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Sample Animal Farm Sociogram

Animal Farm Character Sociogram By: George Orwell Napoleon Napoleon is one of the biggest tyrants you will ever see. He is the head pig on the farm, and is the animal's leader. He began in the story as a clever pig who the animals looked up to, but after he got into a position of power he became as I said before a tyrant. A tyrant king always believes he is right and is very egotistical. Napoleon believes himself to be above the rest of the animals, and sees to it that he recieves added benefiets. A tyrant uses his armies to opress his subjects and gain total control. Napoleon is a master of manipulation, and instead of armies he uses blood thirsty dogs to intimidate the other animals. Snowball Snowball is the dove/diplomat of the farm. In his relatively short time on the farm he was very patriotic and saw to it that all the animals of animal farm were treated fairly and equally. Exactly how a dove or peacemaker sees things. Also just how a diplomat calms people and gets them to see their point of view through their words. Snowball is a really brilliant public speaker, and wins over the hearts of the voting animals in his speeches. However, while animal farm was more of a democracy he would but heads with Napoleon over almost everything. Squealer Pigs Squealer is the pig on the farm that does most of the explaining of things to the dumber animals. He is extremely persuasive, and can convince the other animlas of nearly anything. He is one of the more clever pigs on the farm. Squeler is Napoeon's right hand pig and most trusted comrade. Napolean uses Squealer's persuasive skills to convince the other animals that he is not at fault when something bad happens. When Napoleon became the official leader he stopped making public appearances. So instead he had Squealer do most of the talking to the other animals for him. As I said before Napoleon and Snowball spent most of their time together butting heads. Without exception if one takes one side on an issue the other will surely take the other side. Since they were the two head pigs their arguments split the animals of the farm in half in their support. Horses and Donkeys Boxer Clover Benjamin Clover is Boxer's mate and they both love and respect each other very much. Clover is constantly worrying about Boxer straining himself, because he works so hard, but Boxer generally doesn't listen and sees his work as more important. Boxer is by far the strongest animal on the farm, and easily the hardest worker. He is very dedicated to the principals of animal farm and believes in everything the pigs tell him. He may not be the brightest animal on the farm, but he makes up to it with his extreme commitment to the welfare of the farm. For example he gets up early in the morning to do extra work and continues his work even after the work day is over. He is very strong headed when it comes to his work and is more concerned about it than about himself. Clover is a good natured mare who is exceptionally kind. Like Boxer she is not incredibly bright, but she knows enough to realize some of the injustices the pigs subject the animals to. For example she is one of the few animals that questioned it when it appeared that the seven commandments had been changed. She is always there for those in need, like when she took in a group of orphaned ducklings. She is a hard worker as well, but no where near as much as Boxer. Benjamin is the only donkey on the farm and is one of the oldest animals as well. He rarely speaks and when he does it was usually some form of cynical remark. One example is he would say that god gave him a tail to keep the flies off, but he would sooner have no tail and no flies. Lastly he is probably the worst tempered animal on the farm. Clover is one of the few friends that Benjamin has on the farm, even though their relationship is not that close. One thing they do share is their concern for Boxer. They both worry that he works to hard and will injure himself if he doesn't rest more. Boxer and Benjamin's relationship is similar to that of Clover and Benjamin's. The two are friends, but not exactly close. However, when Boxer was ill and unable to walk Benjamin stayed by his side and kept the flies off of him with his tail. Which does show that he cares about Boxer. Humans Since Boxer is not very bright he tends to not question what Napoleon says. In fact his two mottos are, "I will work harder," and, "Napoleon is always right." In Napoleon's eyes this makes Boxer the ideal comrade. However, this does not mean that Boxer is given any special treatment what so ever. In fact when Boxer became too ill to work Napoleon sold him to a horse slaughter house, and even worse he lied to him and told him he was going to the vet. Mr. Jones Mr. Pilkington Mr. Frederick Mr. Jones is the former owner of Animal farm, and when he was in power a vicouse tyrant. In the past he was a sucessful farmer, but as time wore on he became lazy and a slob. When this was the case the farm was poorly run and the animals barely taken care of. Mr. Frederick is the owner of one of the neighboring farms. Out of the two he is the more hostile to the animals on the farm. For instance he supposedly bought a pile of timber from the animals, but paid for it with fake bank notes. Also he made an open attack on the farm and destroyed their windmill using explosives. Mr. Pilkington is the owner of the other farm bordering Animal Farm. Out of the two he is the more friendly, but for most of the book still harbors a strong dislike for the animals. However, in the end he comes to accept Animal Farm and he is on good terms with the pigs. The Sheep The sheep are probably the dumbest animals on the farm. They do not understand much, but they eagerly agree to everything the pigs, mainly Napoleon, tell them. The sheep are essentially Napoleon's yes men they do everything that he says without question. For example he manipulated them into bleating out in the middle of Snowball's speeches when he wasn't the leader of animal farm. Dogs Their are a total of eleven dogs on the farm and nine of them were the original three's puppies who Napoleon raised. The nine Napoleon raised are very ferociouse and will not think twice about killing an animal on the farm if told to do so. The original three named Jessie, Bluebell, and Pincher are not as viciouse as their children and get along fine with the other animals. The dogs that Napoleon raised are his way of getting what he wants. He uses them to intimidate or even attack some of the other animals nt he farm. For example he used them to run Snowball off of the farm to obtain complete control. Mr. Jones does not have a very good relationship with any of the animals. They despise him for the way he treated them over the years, and he hates them for taking his farm. He even came back with a shotgun and attempted to take the farm back by force, but was thwarted by Snowball's defense strategy. Prezi By: Andrew Frosti
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