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Career Aptitude Tests

I have investigated career interest tests, their development, and current use in schools and other locations.

Stacey Smith

on 15 November 2010

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Transcript of Career Aptitude Tests

Career Aptitude Tests Purpose These tests are meant to:

Help people realize their true interests
Measure what people know and enjoy and apply this information to a likely career path What is a Career Aptitude test? A type of assessment designed to help individuals determine which career opportunities best match their abitities, personality, interests, IQ, or other characteristics.

There are thousands of tests out there in various online and traditional pencil and paper formats.

Some measure key attributes believed to influence an individuals potential success and satisfaction with a career.

Others are designed to help individuals clarify their goals and preferences, which can then be used to make more informed career decisions. What characteristics do Career Aptitude Tests analyze? How you will likely perform a role
Verbal Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
Perceptual Ability
Spatial Ability
Technical Ability
Analytical Ability
Acuity Types of Career Tests Aptitude test
Education Test
Entrepreneur Test
Interest Test
IQ Test
Personality Test
Resume Test
Satisfaction Test Many career aptitude tests combine the results of these different types of assessments to achieve well rounded results Scientific Validity Many assessments offered on the internet, lack scientific validity

Evidence of validity comes in the form of studies published in peer-reviewed professional journals

Therefore, users should look at test validity in evaluating a test's quality and if these are not available, the assessment is not valid and should be avoided Format

Interactive Online Websites
Pencil and Paper Can take anywhere from 15-60
minutes to complete Other Considerations Results: can range from a list of possible careers to highly detailed interpretations.

Costs: Some assessments are totally free. Others provide one level of results for free but offer more detailed results for a fee. Still others, including some online versions of the more reliable and conventional pencil-and-paper assessments can be used only if you pay.

But keep in mind no purely online career assessment can take the place of guidance from a good career counselor Use Secondary schools
Colleges and Universities
Military Recruitment
Career Development Centers Career aptitude tests are used in the following settings: •Don't discount the possibility that these free online assessments might suggest to you some career ideas and directions you had never thought of and that are worth further exploration.

•Do take several different assessments to help you learn more about yourself and to help you determine which tests provide the most reliable results for you.

•Do print out and retain the results of the assessments you take online. Compare results, and see if you can see patterns -- a "career snapshot" -- beginning to emerge. •Do be aware that assessments are available to help guide you toward the right career for you. A qualified career counselor can administer, score, and interpret these assessments.

•Do keep your expectations in check when you take free online assessments. You may attain some direction and guidance from these tests, but don't be overly reliant on them for magic answers. Military Career Aptitude Test

The American Armed Services developed their own specific Aptitude test called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

Your scores in four critical areas
Arithmetic Reasoning
Word Knowledge
Paragraph Comprehension
Mathematics Knowledge

Men and Women serious about joining the Armed Forces must test well on this test in order to qualify you for certain military occupational specialties and Enlistment Bonuses. A high score will improve your chances of getting the specialty or job you want and the signing bonus you want. Some Career Exploration Websites: www.nycareerzone.org www.careerkey.org How are Career Aptitude Tests developed? Tests with little validity are often developed to suit the specific needs of an organization such as a college. Often, the 'results' from these tests cannot be used in other contexts.

However there are tests that are developed according to the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) Framework. These tests yeild useable results which can be interpreted easily and are based on carefully researched domains, goals, indicators, and learning stages. www.careerpath.org www.careeronestop.org •Do trust your gut. If a free online assessment tells you something about yourself that doesn't ring true, disregard that information.

•Don't rely on free online assessments alone for self-discovery and career guidance. Meet with a career counselor and ask the counselor to help you interpret and integrate the results of various assessments.

•Do use career assessments with a variety of other self-discovery activities, such as examining your strengths and weaknesses and the activities you most enjoy and least enjoy.

-K Hansen Do's and Don'ts mo0se
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