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B2B Appism

Appism: Marketing, sales, learning and communications tools designed and built for the way humans feel and think.

marc pomerleau

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of B2B Appism

Simplexity Who is Clarus Agency? CA is a reflection and creator
of current and future reality. App
Trends History of the Web See Me Play with me Help me help you Appism? Definitions Why it works The $$ reasons or... The human want
Benefits:Financial & Psychic Going App!
Define ideal user needs before looking at solutions Characteristics Final Thoughts 5 Tenets of Appism
Recognize and treat you
as an individual Let's See it! Anytime you click on one of our apps, something happens and that something educates, entertains, challenges and changes your knowledge and perception in a positive direction with significant, measurable benefits.
Considerations App is short for "application."
In the realm of technology, this usually refers to a computer program that runs on a website (Google Apps), a small computing device (iPad App) or a cell phone (Android App).
1. Apps, like people, are not all awesome. 

2. A good app is like a good first date: They look attractive, have interesting things to say, ask intelligent questions and their claims check out when you Google them. 

3. Good apps, like good wine, should get better over time.

4. You cannot build a good app fast and cheap. Good, fast and cheap: you can have 2 but not all 3. 

5. A great business app will not be developed fast nor will it be cheap. If someone tells you otherwise, you are in the presence of profound ignorance or a liar. The not-so-new-anymore REALITY EFFECT App Thought conforms to the highest level of motivation and who we as a species want to be -- Science of motivation, the potential of gaming ROI PLUS some peripheral benefits, – metrics and the silo-killing nature of the build process. Listen Coach and advise
Empathize Confirm what you know Tell you something you don't Sales Marketing Learning Simplexity
Phase deliverables Base decisions on an objective feasibility study first Build with flexibility in mind, user feedback rules Incorporate internal/external learning strategies Proceed with a pessimistic intellect and an optimistic will “Apps have become a meaningful abbreviation to technology that just works. Apps provide a common and easily understood idea that has been widely accepted as a SOLUTION, indeed a means to get stuff done quickly and effectively.” Bill French
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