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USF Marketing, Promotions, and Tickets

USF Rules Education Presentation

Elliott Charles

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of USF Marketing, Promotions, and Tickets

Compliance Meeting:
Marketing, Promotions, and Tickets

ACS Forms and Workflow
Student Athlete Appearances and Promotions
Game Ticket Requests for Charitable Events
- Bylaw 12 provides the guidelines for Ticket Request fulfillment. The Athletic Department can fulfill requests from charities, elementary and middle school, and other not-for-profit organizations for game tickets for use by such organizations in fund-raising auctions and other charitable events. Game tickets are not intended to be “For Sale” or gift items.
Example of a Major Infraction
Athletic Memorabilia Requests
- NCAA Bylaw allows the USF Athletic Department to provide autographed memorabilia to charities, elementary and middle schools, and other non-profit organizations for use in fund-raising auctions and other events.
-The request for the item should be dropped off a minimum of three weeks prior to the event. A Donation Request Form must be completed and submitted electronically to the Athletic Compliance Office.
-If the USF Athletic Department chooses to fulfill a memorabilia donation request, a Donation Request Form must be completed and submitted electronically to the Athletic Compliance Office.
- If approved, the item will be mailed within three weeks.
-Bylaw allows the University to fulfill requests for student-athletes to make appearances for community causes. Student-athlete appearances can only be made on a limited basis and must be within a 30 mile radius.
- A Student-Athlete Appearance Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Athletic Student-Athlete Development Office AND the Athletic Compliance Office. A signed copy of the NCAA Bylaw form must accompany the Student-Athlete Appearance Request Form.

- Remember NCAA rules prohibit the USF Athletic Department from providing tickets to high school-aged groups.
- A Ticket Request Form must be completed and returned to the Athletic Compliance Office. Adam Weigle, the Assistant Director of Ticket Operations, will handle all game ticket requests.
-The choice of game and seat location is at the discretion of the Ticket Office.
Occasional Meals
- Occasional Meals (Bylaw Coaches must submit Occasional Meal Approval Form to Athletic Compliance Office (ACO) prior to hosting an occasional meal. Institutional staff member may provide reasonable local transportation.
All Athletic Compliance Office forms can be found on the "P" Drive and on the Athletic Compliance website.
Student Athlete Requirements Overview
- Extra Benefits
- Amateurism
- Academic Eligibility
- Countable hours
- Unethical Conduct
- Outside Income
- In December 2011, The Ohio State University's football student athletes sold athletics awards, apparel, and equipment to a tattoo artist in exchange for tattoos.

- The coach was notified by a local attorney and failed to report it, resulting in more sanctions for Ohio State.
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