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Budgeting as a College Student

No description

Thomas Davis

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Budgeting as a College Student

Budgeting as a college Student
What's a Budget?
A list of your income (+)
Compared to a list of your expenses (-)

A plan based on this information for reasonable spending and saving habits.
Total Income
What makes up your income?
How to create a budget
Figure out your Income
Step 1
Step 3
Calculate your expenses
Figure out what you have left
Step 2
Put some money aside for later
Step 4
Budget for everything else
Step 5
Be prepared to make sacrifices
Step 6
Hourly Wage: $15
Hours Per Week: 40
Total Weekly Gross: $600
Total Monthly Gross: $2400
Total Yearly Gross: $28,800

After estimated taxes $1700 per month
Rent: $400
Electricity: $50
Cable/Internet: $50
Cell Phone: $80
Car Insurance: $60
Gym Membership: $20
Gas: $60

Total: $720 per month
Dinning Out
The average person age 18-34 spend on average a week on coffee!
a year
Personal Care
Health and Wellness
How much should you save a month?
Between 10%-20% is ideal
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