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kirmille deguzman

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of COMMA WEBQUEST

rule: Always use a comma when directly addressing someone/something, regardless of whether the direct address is at the beginning or end of the sentence.
rule and example:
Websites used:
rule: Use commas to separate two or more coordinate adjectives that describe the same noun.
rule and example:
rule: Interrupters, words or phrases that interrupt the main thought of the sentence, must be set apart from it with commas
rule and example:
rule: You always put a comma after a date, addresses and titles.
rule and example:
Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention?
Thank you my fellow grammarians for remembering to use correct English.
I have never been on a sailboat before Steven.
3 sentences:
It was a cold windy morning.
The smoky crackling hot fire roared through the old beautiful forests of Yosemite.
The old white deserted mansion near the dark haunted cemetery had bats flying out of its dirty broken windows.
3 sentences:
Fatima of course you're late again!
Yesterday as a matter of fact Jasper was too early for practice.
All the students have weak and strong subjects in school for example Collin is terrible at math but great in English.
3 sentences:

In September 1817 the kids still thought that school is boring.
In March 1916 there was a war.
On Monday March 12 there was no school.

3 sentences:
GROUP #6 1st block

Compound sentences
Complex Sentences
Inductory word or Phrases
Dates, Addresses, and Titles
Commas in Interrupters
rule: An introductory phrase is like a clause, but it doesn’t have its own subject and verb; it relies on the subject and verb in the main clause. Unless the phrase is very short (fewer than 5 words) and begins with a preposition (to, for, at, etc.), there should be a comma between the introductory phrase and the main clause.
example: Yes, you may chew gum during class.
Commas with Adjectives
Commas with Direct Addresses
rule: A compound sentence has two independent clauses joined by a coordinating junction, conjunctive adverb, and semicolon.
example: Tom reads novels, but jack reads comics.
3 sentences: We picked them up early but they still missed their plane.
Do you want the chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
I wanted wood shop but instead I chose band.

rule: A complex sentence is made from an independent clause and a dependent clause joined together.
example: After I came home, I made dinner.
3 sentences:
After I finished my homework I ate ice cream.
Before I ate dinner I cleaned my room.
Because the bridge wasn't properly maintained by the government it fell down.

3 sentences:
She was so happy that she yelled out “Go Cougars!”
“I am so disappointed of you”Marcellous had said to his dog.
“What did you get on the test”Josh had asked Collin after Mr. B had passed out all the test.

3 sentences: Well my sister does good in class if she studies the day before.
No you may not be able to write on the test.
Robert please hand the man some mustard.
rule: When quoting, it must be made clear to the reader who said (or wrote or thought) whatever is being quoted; this is done by using “attributive tags”.
example: “I’m so proud of you,”my mother had said.
example: It was on March 25, 1991, that we had a big snow day!
example: English, in fact, is my best subject because I love to read and write.
example: Now our interesting, illuminating lesson has come to a close.
example: It was a pleasure to meet you, Sir.
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