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Hire Me

5 reasons why hiring me is the best decision you'll ever take in your life

Ahmed Radwan

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Hire Me

1- I take work personally
3- I'm not looking for a JOB
5 Reasons why hiring ME
is the BEST decision
you'll ever make
in your life
* I adopt
like they are my own children
* I have an obsessive need to see the
my work materialize
* I spend
countless hours
at work and I have no intention of JUST doing what I'm supposed to do. I do have all the intention
to bring something new and creative to
whatever role I take on.
And that led me to ..
* Create two new quality functions at WindMobile, an initiative I took because there was a severe need although it wasn't included in my set yearly goals. Now I'm a team lead managing two resources to support these new functions
* worked at Mobinil on the development of a "first of its kind" customer experience management system which later on won international awards on the level of France Telecom
2- A diverse set of skills
* I speak three languages
* I'm not a full fledged developer but I did write code before in a few projects
* Start my own e-commerce business overseas and manage it from Toronto
* Undergrad in Electrical Engineering, Grad in Quality
Assurance and founder of a social e-commerce
website where I'm managing 4 people.
* Self taught in lean start-up methods, e-commerce and Management Consulting techniques
Still a beginner but I also do photography ..
5- This is Not your
typical job application
*** A fact backed up by the
strange photo of me in the beginning of this presentation
* I believe that in a start-up environment, the personality of each employee is more critical than his qualifications and so I'm stressing here on the type of person I am rather than what I accomplished.
* I'm looking for a reason to wake up in the morning. Something to obsess about improving, growing and watching how my input truly makes a difference in the daily operations and the strategy of the business.
* I played a team sport for over 15 years. I get attached to teams and the thought of a small group of people striving towards making something happen with gigantic obstacles at every corner is exhilarating.
4- Competence/Independence
* I believe that my ability to self-learn is the main reason behind my work/academic accomplishments.
* I require very little management when it comes to delivering results
* I've produced my best work under stressful
situations. A skill I developed over time is being
able to squeeze the best possible outcome
from a limited set of resources
* I grew up in a family of 7 engineers, analytical thinking is a daily habit for me.
Some proof ..
* Graduated from the top 5% of my undergrad in electrical
engineering with a graduation project sponsored by Vodafone.
* Finished my Quality Systems masters degree at Concordia university with a
4.2 GPA
while working in a different city.
* Holder of the international student and the graduate
from Concordia.
* Best performer award at Mobinil Egypt. The award was by
team members' elections and I was the newest/youngest team member.
Hesitant? .. Call me up for an interview and
I'll better explain how I can add value to your business !
email: ahmed_rad5@yahoo.com
Phone: +1 647 705 9746
Random facts about me ..
* I have a well paid Job with a career path but most large corporations do not move at the pace I'd like to work at. In addition to the fear of experimenting with new ideas and the lack of entrepreneurial spirit. I'm simply looking for more !
* I'm a quality fanatic. I continuously think of improvements to implement or problems to fix. Unlike a lot of engineers who prefer to keep their distance from customers, I jump at the first opportunity to contact a customer and directly improve his experience.
* I'm addicted to
* Among the skills I picked up along the way are Adobe Indesign and Photoshop.
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