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Bronx Masquerade

No description

Britney Davis

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Bronx Masquerade

Bronx Masquerade
Liked Parts
Overall I really enjoyed this book! It was really good and I would rate it five stars! I would recommed this book to anyone. It has the happy ending, its realistic, and everyone can relate to it. Although the book is about teenagers in high school, everyone can relate to it because everyone can feel out of place.
Book by Nikki Grimes
Prezi by Britney Davis

When Tryone Bittings realizes that he does have a future. Throughout the whole book he adds to his future and learns more and more. This event had to happen for there to even be a book.
Main Events
Chankara Troupe and her boyfriend Johnny have a conflict because she hit him for going to far and he hit her back.
Point of View
This book is told in first person and each character has their own part where they speak in first person.
When Mr. Ward decides to have Open Mike Fridays. This allows all students open up about their feelings and emotions. This event sets up the whole book and so it is very important.
Wesley and Tyrone have a conflict with Sterling because he wants to be in their "group", but they do not want a white boy with them.
Lupe and Gloria have a conflict because Lupe wants a baby, but Gloria keeps trying to tell her that she doesn't need to at this age. Gloria has her own baby and from exerience tells Lupe that it is not a good idea.
Wesley Boone
Tyrone Bittings
Chankara Troupe
Raul Ramirez
Diondra Jordan
Devon Hope
Lupe Algarin
Gloria Martinez
Janelle Battle
Leslie Lucas
Judianne Alexander
Tanisha Scott
Sterling S. Hughes
Amy Moscowitz
Sheila Gamberoni
Steve Ericson
Raynard Patterson
Porscha Johnson
The tone of the book is realistic, but at the same it is happy. It is realisitic because these problems really happen. It is happy because everything starts to look better and that people are going have a good life.
Disliked Parts
When Devon Hope says that not everyone fits in the box you put them in. I like this because it really means a lot because everyone wants people to be just how they want, when really people aren't. Everyone is different and they are their own person. You can't tell them who to be.
How Wesley Boone is the whole reason for this Open Mike Fridays, but he is barely mentioned in the book. It is kind of hard to realize and give him credit when he doesn't really appear that much in the book.
When Sheila wanted to change her name was a part a disliked. I thought that Sheila should have a part where she really expressed that she wanted to be more African. I just think that she could expressed it a different way. I personally just didn't think it fit in.
I liked how not only has this poetry class changed the students in it, but the kids who are different like Mai Tren.
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