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On the sidewalk bleeding

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fake name

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of On the sidewalk bleeding

Why does Andy take his jacket off ?
Questions 1.A)
by Connor, Fady, Thomas and Vivek
Why don't any of the people who find Andy help him?
Andy took his jacket off because he did not want anyone to know that he was a Royal. On page 42 it says that he didn't want anyone to find him and say, "Oh, it's a Royal." The couple that found him didn't help him because he was a Royal and they were afraid that since he was a part of a gang, it could put them in a bad situation. Andy wanted to spend his last minutes alive being himself, not a Royal. He knew that if he hadn't joined the Royals or any other gang, that he would still be alive.
Why did Andy join the gang?
Andy had joined the gang "Royals" because he wanted to feel important, he wanted to feel cool, popular, and he wanted to have meaning in his life. He also mentioned the happiness he had felt when the Royals had taken him. He wanted to feel a sense of pride and he thought that joining a gang would fulfill that. Back then he did not want to be Andy, he wanted to be a "Royal".

The first man that found Andy was very drunk and could not comprehend the situation that Andy was in. The drunk man thought that Andy was drunk as well. "Should be 'shamed of yourself, drunk an' layin' in an alley, all wet" (Page 38 middle). So the man did not realize that he had to help him. Next, a couple heard Andy moaning and came to see him. But once they had read the words scripted on his jacket, they were afraid of getting involved with gangs. "We help him and the Guardians will be down our necks" (Page 40 top). So they left him as well. A little while later an old lady came by, but she was unable to hear Andy because of the harsh rain, and the fact that she was partially deaf.
Question 1.c
On the Sidewalk Bleeding is about a boy in NYC named Andy, who was stabbed and bleeding out in a alley. This extravagant short story by Evan Hunter follows a sixteen year old gang member and the last thirty minutes of his life. Andy is a part of a gang known as the Royals, and the rival gang is known as the Guardians, the two biggest gangs in New York.
I think that the police officer would not try and follow up on Andy's case because Andy was in the gang "Royals" so the police really did not see him as a person and he did not really care about what has happened to him, even though he was just a young 16 year old boy. The police officer did not want to get involved with the conflict of gangs and did not want to help a kid who was involved in those gang conflicts. It shows us that they see him as a "Royal" not Andy the individual.
Plot Graph: Setting/Characters/Events before the inciting incident/ Inciting incident.
Plot Graph: Climax
Plot Graph: Rising Action
Andy was found by an man, although fortune was not in his favor and the man was drunk. Because the man was drunk, he didn't realize and was bleeding and he was dying. The only thought that came to him was Andy was drinking under age. "Should be 'shamed of yourself, drunk an' layin' in a alley, all wet. Shame on you. I gotta good minda calla cop."(pg.38)

Once again, Andy was found by two more people, Freddie and Angela, a couple kissing in the march rain. They didn't see Andy but after some mild moaning from Andy, they found him. Freddie examines Andy and sees that he was cut. They're was discussion between the couple and they decided to leave him. "I don't want to get mixed up in this. He's a Royal. We help him, and the Guardians'll be down our necks. I don't want to get mixed up in this Angela..." (pg.40) So they left Andy in hope that somebody else will find him.

The last person, who found Andy, simply did not see him. " She did not hear Andy's little grunt because she was a little deaf and the march rain was beating a steady relentless tattoo on the cans." (pg.41)
Plot graph: Mood, Conflict, and Resolution.
The climax in the story is when Andy knew that this was the end for him and he thinks to him self " Rain is sweet, I'm Andy" (page 42). Andy realized that no one could help him and that if they did come by now, he would be dead.
Setting: This story take place in a dark alley on a rainy day. Evidence: Page 37 "rain swept streets" and page 37 "other end of the alley".

Characters: Andy - He is the main character and a gang member. He is also tough, but loving.

Laura - She is Andy's girlfriend and also loving.

The Old Woman - She is poor and is hard of hearing.

The Guardians - They are the rival gang of the Royals, they were also the ones who stabbed Andy.

Freddie and Angela- They are a couple who found Andy on the sidewalk. Freddie is protective because he goes to see what the sound was, when Angela was scared. Both of them are loving because they said that they loved each other.

Drunk Man - He also meets Andy bleeding, yet he doesn't realize that because he is very drunk.

Cop - He finds Andy at the end of the story and makes notes at the scene of the crime to report Andy's death at his office.

Events before the inciting incident: Andy had left the dance to get a package of cigarettes. He had told Laura that he would be back in a few minutes. When he got to the candy store, he realized that it was closed. He knew another store that would be open late, so he started walking through the alley to get there.

Inciting incident: The inciting incident was when Andy had been ambushed and stabbed by a group of Guardians while walking through the alley to go to a store.

Plot Graph:Falling Action
The mood in this short story "On the side walk bleeding" by Evan Hunter is a really saddening mood, its a dark rainswept night with a teenager walking alone, that is never good. It was grim because Andy, he was dying, but as we can tell from the text that we have read, Andy did not know he was dying in the beginning but later on, he knew he was dying, he just would not believe it.
The falling action in the story is when Laura found Andy dead in the alley way a minute past midnight. Laura couldn't believe her eyes. She tried talking to him asking to give her a reply but, he wouldn't. Tears were coming from her eyes as she ran to go find a police officer.She then finds one who takes out a notepad and starts writing about scene.

There were honestly quite a few of conflicts, Man vs Man being a major conflict in this text, one man being Andy and the other being the Guardian who stabbed Andy.
There also was Man vs Nature, this is the one some people don't seem to understand but the man vs nature in this text is the rain, Andy is dying, he is bleeding out on the sidewalk and it is raining on him.
Finally, man vs himself, this is because he could not believe he was dying, he was hurt but he was trying to get help and stop the bleeding. He was thinking about all the decisions he made in life and if him joining "Royals" was really worth dying for.

Andy did not want to die or to be seen as a royal he wanted to be Andy and his final attempt to finally just be Andy, was to take off the royal sweater and to just die as Andy, so he can be his own individual identity. So even though it hurt him a lot, he managed to get the urge, to take off his purple royal sweater, so he can die peacefully, as Andy.
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