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Johnstown Flood

No description

Meagan Young

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Johnstown Flood

Johnstown Flood
A young father named James Quinn living with a house full struggled to find a place quickly for shelter for his family as the flood began to get worst. He never knew when the "big wave" would come but he knew they had to leave the house they called home fast. In an instance he told the family to run for their lives as they wave began to approach.

Continued Summary
Majority of the family stayed back as Aunt Abbie refused to walk in the dirty water. Leaving James to be the only adult to make it to the hill. The house tilted from side to side and later lunged sideways. Gertrude swam her way towards the light where she later found safety at a families home named the Metzs'
Setting Analysis
It takes place on the morning of the 31st, in the city of Johnstown. It takes place somewhere between the Fall and Winter time. “ One of his children, Marie, was already sick with measles, and he did not want the others out in the rain catching a cold “ lines 3-4.
Man vs. Nature:The first conflict in the beginning of the story was for James Quinn to get his family out of danger of the flood. As he said "run for your lives. Follow me straight to the hill" line 38-39.
Man vs. ManThe second conflict was the family splitting up as they ran to the hill. As Aunt Abbie and Libby Hipp turned back to the house, Aunt Abbie had second thoughts saying "I don't like to put my feet in that dirty water" line 56.
Man vs. Nature: Gertrude gets lost from her Aunt Abbie and lands on a wet mattress."Somehow she managed to crawl out of a hole in the roof or wall" line 110. "Gertrude was whirling about on top of a muddy mattress" line 116-117.She gets saved by two man who strip her from her wet clothes into warm blankets. Man vs. Man: So bundled in blankets "she couldn't see out , nor could anyone see in very well" line 171.
The mood of this story is describe as horrifying. Horrifying because it shocked Gertrude how one minute she was with her family and the next she was all alone shouting for help during a flood. It’s disconsolate because she’s all by herself struggling to get to safety and she’s a little girl. The story is also relieving to know that at the end of the story she is safe and now she only has to worry about where her family is.
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