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What does citizenship mean today?

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Melissa Collum

on 23 January 2018

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Transcript of What does citizenship mean today?

Kennedy Brand
There is a distinction
between what is
legally permissible
and what is
morally justified . . .
New Social Contract
Inspire citizens to fulfill a higher calling
One more encompassing than their legal obligations
Create a social climate full of . . .
patriotism and pride
- "one must feel pride in one's country in order to be inspired
to serve it..." (Reich,20).
What causes make us willing to serve our country?
Definition of Citizenship
Theoretical Terms:
belonging to a wider community
Concrete Terms:
actions individuals take to advance the interests of the wider community
Rights of the Citizenry
Being a "good" citizen vs. being an "engaged" citizen .....
Rights of citizenry
vote, free speech, etc.

What do you give in return for these rights?
taking action to help others
improving one's community
improving one's world
Define citizenship
- think local to global ......
What does citizenship mean today?
Individual Action
Collective Process
Leaders job
is to summon the action needed
to meet
national imperatives.
Kennedy Era
Gave collective hopes ....
Gave collective dreams ....

with obligations to one another.
- think from "me to we"
- which is your national anthem?
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